Client's cases

  • Moonlighter

    A software company hired a remote full-time IT specialist. The management was content with his work for the first weeks, as he proved exceptionally professional, diligent and creative.

  • The Impostor

    An advertising agency was looking for a writer - and they thought they had found the perfect candidate. Ann's test assignment was clever, compelling and creative, and the manager Olivia was sure that the candidate's writing could skyrocket customer satisfaction.

  • Charity

    Small business owners often tell us that they use CleverControl as a psychological instrument rather than a practical monitoring tool. Employees know that their activity is tracked, so they treat their duties more responsibly and self-regulate their productivity. On their side, employers briefly check monitoring reports every few weeks simply to ensure everything goes well. They start digging deeper only when they have suspicions - and there are rarely any.

  • Keeping Productivity High During Pandemic

    Michael owns an online sports goods store. Like many other businesses around the world, he had to go remote with the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. After a while, customers began complaining that their orders took too long to process and deliver. The most impatient ones even cancelled their purchases and went to other stores. Managers explained these delays by a large number of orders - with gyms and sports grounds closed, many people were buying equipment to exercise at home.

  • Data Leakages Detection

    In February 2021, a representative of a company producing and selling fabric approached CleverControl. The company had been experiencing a drop in revenue over the past months. Besides, several key customers switched to competitors who had offered them more favourable conditions. The management suspected that their employees sold data about the clients and deal terms to the competitors. However, they could neither prove the fact nor reveal the moles with available tools. 

  • Inappropriate behaviour

    Unfortunately, conflicts between employees are not rare. They influence not only the atmosphere in the team but also harm employees' involvement and the company's profits. Of course, the management can regulate relations between workers to some extent, but, in many cases, the executives may not know about the conflict until it is too late.

  • Freelance and Mining

    Every employer at least once faced misuse of the company's resources by employees, from using the office printer for personal purposes to stealing stationery. Our today's case is one of such: the employees were not only using their office computers for mining but also their work time for outside projects.