Remote Monitoring Software

In this article, we want to introduce you to an incredible technology. Imagine that even when you're in another city, you remain fully connected to the ongoing processes in your office:

  • How your office workspace changes minute by minute.

  • What tasks are emerging and taking precedence.

  • What original ideas are being expressed and discussed.

Remote monitoring dashboard

The life of your business unfolds right before your eyes on your computer or smartphone screen. This has become possible thanks to CleverControl, the best employee monitoring software. You only need to take two steps to get started:

  1. Subscribe to CleverControl.

  2. Set up a secure web account.

How Real-Time Monitoring Works

All the data collected from your employees' computers will be accessible over the Internet in your account. In the past, when a boss went on vacation, staying connected to the business was nearly impossible. There used to be a joke about "How to give the whole office a cheap vacation? Buy a vacation package for the boss." However, with CleverControl's remote monitoring system, everything has changed. Wherever you are, you can see the following information on your office computer screens as clearly as if you were sitting in front of them:

  • applications

  • websites

  • files

  • messages, and so on

Remote monitoring dashboard

You will always be informed about what's happening in your team, even if you are in another country or on a different continent. This is incredibly convenient and practical.

Eliminate Problems with Remote Staff Monitoring Software

The unprecedented functionality of the CleverControl program can help resolve many conflicts within your team related to violations of work discipline, corporate ethics, or confidentiality. For example:

  1. Conflict among employees due to unfair task distribution

    You can check which employees are performing their tasks effectively and efficiently and who is wasting time on entertainment or personal matters. You can review the organization of work and task distribution in the team, as well as reward or offer help to employees based on their results.

  2. Disputes among employees over breaches of corporate ethics or confidentiality

    Thanks to remote monitoring, you can verify whether employees are spreading false or negative information about the company or its clients on social media or messengers. You can also check if they are discussing business matters with unverified individuals or sharing confidential data with third parties. You can establish internal rules and consequences for violations, as well as warn or terminate violators.

  3. Tensions among employees due to differences in views or interests

    You can check if disputes or insults arise due to disagreements on certain topics or interests. You can hold meetings where each conflicting party can express themselves and attempt to find a compromise or agreement. You can also conduct team-building workshops to improve communication.

  4. Addressing the threat of diseases and pandemics

    COVID-19 has changed our reality and made it clear that an office can be disbanded at any moment, and people who previously worked side by side can become remote from each other due to safety reasons. With CleverControl monitoring software, this is no longer a problem. CleverControl will be the productivity hub of your business.


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