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Is advanced data security required by either the law or your industry? Do strict compliance rules limit your use of cloud services? Are you looking for more control over the gathered information?
CleverControl On-Premise is the right solution for you. Get the full functionality of CleverControl cloud solution that works on your servers.
Employee monitoring on-premise

Three reasons to choose the on-premise employee monitoring solution

Three reasons to choose the on-premise employee monitoring solution


Get the top-notch functionality of CleverControl Cloud within your company's infrastructure.


Record everything the employee types on the computer - from work documents to emails and messages. See how focused the employee is and how professionally they communicate with clients and colleagues.


Receive snaps of the employee's screen whenever they switch windows, enter a website, or copy something to the clipboard. Get a visual report of the employee's workflow.

Visited websites monitoring

The Internet is not only a source of valuable information but also a major time-waster. By monitoring the browser history, you will always know if your employees are staying productive or wasting their time on shopping or entertainment.

Employee monitoring product

Social media tracking

Employees spend 12% of their work time on social media on average, but how high is this percentage for your company? Control the usage of social networks to maintain high productivity and performance.

IM activity

Today messengers are widely used for work communications, client support, and more. But are all of your employees' communications professional? Or do they chat with friends or family? Get reports of employees' instant messengers activity and ensure they stay productive and professional in their communications.

Site blocker

This feature can be customized to block specific websites or categories of websites, such as social media or online shopping sites. Block unproductive sources in your office to limit distractions and maintain a high level of productivity.

Employee monitoring product

Printer monitoring

Get a report of all instances of printing. The program records all printer tasks with timestamps and the username. By monitoring printer operations, you can be sure that employees do not use company-owned equipment for personal purposes.

External storage devices tracking

CleverControl captures all instances of external storage connections. This feature lets you know who and when connected a USB stick or an SSD drive to the computer. Such information may be particularly useful in internal investigations or as an additional security measure.

User activity

Get accurate data about when the computer is turned off and on and reveal employees who violate the set work schedule. The software also tracks inactivity periods, so idlers will not go unnoticed.

Employee monitoring product

Apps activity

CleverControl tracks all running applications and the time when they start and stop running, which provides additional information about the employee's productivity.

Installed applications

Get a list of all programs installed on the employee's computer, and be sure that they do not use any unauthorized or unproductive apps, such as mining or games.


Does the amount of collected monitoring data seem intimidating to analyze? CleverControl analyzes it for you and presents the results in a clear and easy-to-digest format. Graphic charts and graphs show how productive each employee and the team on the whole are and highlight key activity points.

Employee monitoring product

Call Recording

The program records video and audio calls in popular messengers, such as WhatsApp, Skype, Discord, and Zoom. This feature will be particularly valuable for assessing the customer service employees' work.

Screen Recording

Recordings from the employee's screen show how productive they are throughout the day. Check what the staff does at any moment of any day. This feature is a great alternative to Live Viewing if you do not have an opportunity to track the workflow in real-time.

Webcam recording

Turn office webcams into a simple yet effective surveillance system. CleverControl makes continuous video recordings using employees' webcams throughout the day. These recordings help reveal idlers and latecomers, maintain office discipline, and boost security.

Employee monitoring product

Face Recognition

Face Recognition takes the Webcam Recording feature a step further. CleverControl takes photos and identifies all employees who access the monitored computer. Prevent buddy punching, decrease data leakage risks, and get proof in cases of internal incidents.

Webcam video

Make short video recordings from the employee's webcam and control employees' attendance and presence in the workplace.

Sound recording

To watch the live feed may be time-consuming and inconvenient, especially if you are away from the office. Record the screens of the computers during the whole day, and watch the recordings whenever it is convenient for you. Select the periods for which you need to see the records and speed up the playback to save time. Make video and sound recordings from webcams connected to the team's computers to see what is happening in your office. Get the evidence in cases of internal incidents investigations.

Employee monitoring product

Live Viewing

Watch employees' computer screens in real-time with Live Viewing. Using this feature, you can monitor the workflow, detect potential issues, and ensure compliance with company policies and procedures. This feature is valuable for businesses with remote employees when you cannot control them directly.

Live Webcam

CleverControl can stream employees' webcams live, so you can keep track of your workforce in real time, prevent data breaches, and ensure compliance with company policies. Monitor employee activity in real-time, identify areas for improvement, and enhance security.

Employee monitoring product

How it works

Set up and configure your local server with the help of our tech team
Install the monitoring agent on the office computers
View monitoring reports in your local web browser tool, identify areas of improvement, and boost your team's productivity
Try CleverControl's Cloud Solution First: A Hassle-Free Way to Test All the Features Before Investing in On-Premise Version
We understand that configuring an on-premise employee monitoring solution can seem daunting, which is why we recommend trying out our cloud solution first. With the trial version of CleverControl's cloud solution, you can easily test all the features of our employee monitoring software without worrying about complex configurations. The trial version allows you to get a feel for the software and ensure that it meets your needs before investing in the on-premise version. Our cloud solution is easy to set up and provides the same features and benefits as our on-premise solution, including real-time monitoring, productivity-tracking tools, and data security. Try our cloud solution today and see how CleverControl can help you optimize your workforce management.

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