CleverControl Companion

CleverControl Companion is a convenient app that allows you to access all collected information from your employees' computers easily. Just install it on your mobile device and control the work process from anywhere.
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Full functionality of the online dashboard in your mobile device
Use your CleverControl credentials to log in to the app and stay informed of the team's workflow
Activity statistics of all users and each user individually
Live Viewing of all screens of the monitored computers on one page
Live Viewing of each employee's screen individually and live activity updates
Full-screen mode for Live Viewing
Bookmarking events
Convenient filter by time and user for events, Live Viewing and statistics
Sharing event log on social media
Remote changing of the settings

The complete activity log for each user:

Keyboard events
Visited websites
Clipboard events
User's activity, such as active and idle time
Programs activity
Social media
Search queries


CleverControl iOS App
CleverControl iOS App
CleverControl iOS App
CleverControl iOS App
CleverControl iOS App
CleverControl iOS App
CleverControl iOS App

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I use CleverControl Companion to monitor my employees' mobile devices?

    No. The app is designed for viewing the data only. It cannot track mobile phones or tablets.

  • Will the app track my phone?

    CleverControl Companion, as the name says, serves only as a data viewer. It does not collect any information from the phone it is installed on.

  • How do I monitor my employees via CleverControl Companion?

    First, you should create an account with CleverControl. Next, you need to install CleverControl Agent on the computers you wish to monitor. After that, you can log in to your monitoring account via CleverControl Companion and see all the collected data.

  • Is CleverControl Companion necessary? Can I access logs on my phone without it?

    You can access the monitoring dashboard via the browser of your phone. However, CleverControl Companion makes checking on the employees' productivity a much faster and more convenient process. You can also configure the monitoring settings remotely.


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