Clever Control of Employee Productivity

One program for full staff monitoring in the workspace. A complete report of the team's activities, work time, Internet usage and more is always at your fingertips.

Compatible with Windows OS from XP and above and Mac OS from 10.12 and above.

CleverControl dashboard

Employee Monitoring

Clever Control aims at collecting all-encompassing reports about the daily work routine of your team. Analysis of this information lets you look into the usual workflow in the office, detect successful and ineffective patterns and find ways to improve them. Besides, features like printer control are helpful tools to keep track of the company resources. Another benefit of staff monitoring in the workplace is that you can reveal inefficient team members who waste their work time on unproductive activities. Extremely hardworking employees also deserve particular attention as constant large workloads lead to a high risk of burnout. With Clever Control, you can help your team maintain the work-life balance and lead your team to success.
  • Keylogging

    *on request

    Most of the office work requires typing, such as filling out financial tables, sending emails or discussing the new project with the team in the group chat. Clever Control records all keystrokes, even the deleted ones. Detect those who chat all day long without doing any work. The program may also help to prevent insider threats or information leakages.


    If you prefer visual reports, the screenshots feature presents the full summary of the day in images. The program takes snaps of the screen when the employee changes active windows, enters a website or copies something to the clipboard. Using these screenshots, you can ensure that your staff is always involved in the work process and examine how each team member uses their work time.

    Internet use tracking

    Monitoring how employees use the Internet may be the most valuable source of information about their workday. See how much they use work-related websites, what information they search for and how often they get distracted by social media, entertainment or shopping websites. Control distractions by blocking unproductive websites by categories, URLs or keyword or allowing only a limited number of approved websites. Learn if your team needs additional training by the information they search.

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  • Social media and messengers

    Social media and chats can steal more than 30% of the work time. Although they are a clear sign of unproductivity, they might also be an unobvious sign of stress or burnout. Get detailed records and screenshots of incoming and outgoing messages, posts, visited pages and communities. Limit unproductive activities to save time for important tasks and create a more involving and healthy work environment.

    Applications activity

    Is there an application that your team is supposed to spend the most time on? With Clever Control, you can check if it is indeed true. See all installed programs on computers and how much time they run during the working time. Save on licenses for software that your team does not use. Monitor newly installed applications to avoid unwanted activities.

    Printer tasks tracking

    The use of company resources for personal needs is quite typical among employees. While some print out personal documents to save on paid printing services, others might do something worse, such as printing confidential information without approval. Receive a complete list of instances of printer use with the time and the name of the printer operation. Prevent corporate data leaking and control the use of company resources.

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  • Monitoring of external storage devices

    Monitoring external storage devices is another way to counter corporate information leakage or misuse of resources. Clever Сontrol records what devices connect to the computer and the time of the connection. Combined with screenshots, this information lets you know who copies files from the corporate computer or uses it for personal needs.

    Live screen and webcam broadcast

    Real-time monitoring is perfect if you need to check up on what your team is doing at the moment. Avoid creating unnecessary tension by standing behind the backs and view their screens live from the comfort of your own office instead. See how well and quickly your staff performs their tasks and support any new employees who may need help and guidance at the start.

    Also, Clever Control offers a live broadcast of webcams connected to corporate computers. This feature may help to save on video surveillance for small offices.

    Screen, webcam and sound recording

    To watch the live feed may be time-consuming and inconvenient, especially if you are away from the office. Record the screens of the computers during the whole day, and watch the recordings whenever it is convenient for you. Select the periods for which you need to see the records and speed up the playback to save time. Make video and sound recordings from webcams connected to the team's computers to see what is happening in your office. Get the evidence in cases of internal incidents investigations.

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Work Time Tracking

Clever Control may serve as an easy and convenient employee attendance monitoring system. It automatically collects reports on when the team members start and finish their workday, how much time they spend working or idling around the office with a cup of coffee. Control the attendance and understand the work habits of your staff to create a more productive and happier workspace.
  • Hour tracking

    Manual clock-ins and clock-outs may be inaccurate and unreliable. Instead, Clever Control tracks employee hours by recording when the person turns on and off the computer. Find out who is always late or sneaks out of the office before the workday is over. Take care of your team's health - reveal those who constantly overwork and optimize their tasks.

    Records of inactivity time

    Breaks are essential as they allow your team to refresh and possibly come up with new ideas. See who overuse their privilege and take too many coffee or smoke breaks. The program serves as the productivity time tracker, recording periods of inactivity that exceed the set allowed limit. Get reports on the overall idle time during the day for each member of the team.

    Attendance control

    You may never know that your employees repeatedly break office discipline. On the other hand, an over-responsible worker may never tell you that their workload is too high. Thanks to the hour tracking, recording and live monitoring features, you can always see who is late or absent from work or who works on weekends to meet too tight deadlines. Reveal the habitual slackers and team members who may experience an overwhelming workload, balance the tasks and maintain a stable and healthy workflow.

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Remote access to statistics of employee activity

Cloud employee monitoring allows you to track performance regardless of where you are. As long as you have a mobile device or a computer at hand, you can control and assess the workflow at a glance using informative statistics charts.
    1. Overall active time assessment

      Clever Control automatically analyses the collected information and creates graphic representations of the overall active and inactive time for each member and the whole team by day, week, month or any custom period. It also spotlights drops and rises in the activity time for the team. Track employee productivity, assess the work discipline at a glance and take steps to improve it.

    2. Records of most used applications and websites

      If you do not have time to examine the collected raw data, convenient statistics charts will do it for you. See what apps and categories of websites the employees use the most often, how much time they spend on them and how this value changes over different periods. Get an immediate insight into the work process and identify the need for training judging by the statistics.

    3. Spotlight on social networks and messengers usage

      Immediately notice distractions and take measures to minimize them. The statistic shows how much time the team spends on social networks and messengers and how this rate changes. Limiting the use of them may improve not only the productivity but also the atmosphere in the office. Discussing the details of the project face to face makes the team more united. It also contributes to creating a more involving and inspiring workplace.

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