CleverControl Local for Small Business

Introducing CleverControl Local for Small Business - a robust, reliable solution for employee monitoring and data management.
  • This system allows you to supervise employee computer activities, streamline workflows, and amplify productivity, all while ensuring data security within your company.
  • It requires only a shared folder to function, eliminating the need for costly server purchases.
  • Experience enhanced control, increased efficiency, and significant cost savings with CleverControl Local, a specifically designed solution to meet the needs of small businesses.
Employee monitoring on-premise
*all the data inside the companyDashboardVirtual local server Hyper-v
Local for small business
*all the data inside the companyDesktop
Local net, shared folder
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How it works

Administrator's Setup: Begin by installing the data collection and viewing program on the administrator's computer. You will also need storage for collected data.
Employee Deployment: Install the monitoring software on the computers of employees you wish to oversee.
Data Analysis: View the collected data in the administrator's program. This insightful tool becomes your ally in workflow analysis and enhancing employee productivity.

Key Advantages of CleverControl Local for Small Business

Three reasons to choose the on-premise employee monitoring solution


At CleverControl, we focus on enhancing your employee monitoring capabilities. Our advanced features offer a fresh perspective on how you oversee your team's productivity:


Ever wondered what your employees are up to during their workday? With CleverControl, you don't have to wonder anymore. Our program captures screenshots every time your employees switch between windows, copy something to their clipboard, or browse a website. This means you receive a visual report detailing every moment of their workday.

Screen Recording

CleverControl doesn't miss a beat – it continuously records your employees' screens throughout the workday. Every window switch, every copied text, every website visit – nothing escapes its watchful eye. Dive into these recordings for any timeframe, adjust playback speed, and gain insights into your team's productivity like never before.

Webcam Snapshots

Take your monitoring to the next level with CleverControl's webcam photo feature. Get a glimpse into your employees' workspaces, ensuring safety, compliance, and a professional environment. It's the extra layer of surveillance that keeps your workplace secure and in top-notch shape.

Employee monitoring product

Webcam Surveillance

Transform your office webcams into a robust video surveillance system. Control access to computers, fortify security and maintain a polished work environment effortlessly.

Continuous Audio Recording

CleverControl records audio from the employee's computers' microphone. This invaluable tool offers transparency and constant control, giving you a deep understanding of all discussions and negotiations within your company. It's your secret weapon for enhanced comprehension and an additional performance assessment tool for your customer success teams.

Keystroke Logging

View your employees' keystroke history, encompassing all text entered in text editors or social networks, as well as special keystrokes (Enter, Esc, Ctrl, and more). Assess their focus on tasks and professionalism in communication with colleagues and clients.

Employee monitoring product

Tracking Visited Sites

In today's digital age, the internet can be a major workplace distraction. CleverControl grants you access to your employees' complete browsing history, enabling you to pinpoint precisely where their working hours are invested: in tasks or leisure activities like online shopping and entertainment.

Recording Search Queries

Monitoring employees' search queries unveils a powerful tool for evaluating their productivity and engagement levels. Beyond that, it acts as a 'radar' to identify the need for additional training, ensuring your team remains at the top of their game.

Website Blocker

Take charge of productivity by blocking unproductive websites or entire categories like social networks and online stores. CleverControl empowers you to curtail distractions, creating a work environment that fosters unwavering focus and peak productivity.

Employee monitoring product

Social Network Monitoring

Today's average employee spends over 10% of their workday on social media. Discover the exact percentage in your company with CleverControl. The program meticulously tracks the use of popular social networks, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Vkontakte, MySpace, and more within the workplace. Monitor and restrict personal social media use to keep your team's productivity soaring.

Program Activity Insights

CleverControl provides detailed reports on all programs running on your employees' computers. Thanks to this feature, you can be sure that your employees do not use potentially harmful or unauthorized applications, such as cryptocurrency miners or games.

Messenger Tracking

In today's corporate landscape, messengers play a pivotal role in business communications - from task discussions to client consultations. But are these conversations always work-oriented? CleverControl keeps tabs on popular instant messengers like Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger, ensuring your employees maintain productivity and professionalism in their communications.

Employee monitoring product

Printer Task Recording

The occasional personal use of company equipment, including printers, can be a drain on resources. With CleverControl, you'll always know who's been using the printers and when. By cross-referencing print times with screen recordings, you can even pinpoint which documents were printed. Gain control over resource misuse and reduce the risks of data leaks with comprehensive printer monitoring.

External Storage Media Tracking for Enhanced Security

Suspicious external storage device connections to office computers won't go unnoticed with CleverControl. It diligently tracks each instance, providing precise connection times and user identities. This feature serves as a valuable addition to bolster company security and offers invaluable data for internal investigations.

Unwanted Word and Web Page Tracking for Precision Insights

Compile a list of undesirable keywords, and let CleverControl work its magic. It tracks and reports all occurrences linked to these words, helping you maintain a work environment aligned with your corporate values.

Employee monitoring product
Try CleverControl's Cloud Solution First: A Hassle-Free Way to Test All the Features Before Investing in On-Premise Version
We understand that configuring an on-premise employee monitoring solution can seem daunting, which is why we recommend trying out our cloud solution first. With the trial version of CleverControl's cloud solution, you can easily test all the features of our employee monitoring software without worrying about complex configurations. The trial version allows you to get a feel for the software and ensure that it meets your needs before investing in the on-premise version. Our cloud solution is easy to set up and provides the same features and benefits as our on-premise solution, including real-time monitoring, productivity-tracking tools, and data security. Try our cloud solution today and see how CleverControl can help you optimize your workforce management.

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