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  • Fuels optimizations and breakthroughs
  • Promotes employee well-being
  • Ironclad data security and encryption
  • Ethical usage policy
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Imagine a work environment where employee monitoring software empowers, not restricts. Where collaborative insights fuel optimizations and breakthroughs, and employee well-being stands hand-in-hand with shared success. This is the environment CleverControl brings to life.
We're not about micromanagement. We're about unlocking team potential through powerful, ethical tools. Our employee monitoring software sheds light on workflow patterns, revealing trends, bottlenecks, and hidden growth opportunities, all while ensuring ironclad data security and encryption (in compliance with ISO 27001 Standard and stored on secure servers) and ethical usage policy.

Ready to ditch the guesswork and embrace data-driven decision-making? CleverControl employee monitoring software empowers you to:

  • Optimize workflows for maximized efficiency and employee well-being
  • Nurture a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement
  • Identify and address bottlenecks before they become roadblocks
  • Support individual growth and empower confident decision-making

Forget Big Brother, Meet Big Supporter: CleverControl's Feature Spotlight

Our employee monitoring software isn't about watching. It's about knowing – knowing how to empower your team, optimize workflows, and foster a thriving work environment.

Unlocking Productivity Patterns:

  • AI Scoring

    Use the power of AI to gain objective insights into employee productivity. AI Scoring automatically analyzes activity logs, assesses each employee’s productivity level, and helps identify focus areas for improvement, all while keeping data secure. Boost efficiency, make data-driven decisions, and empower your team's success.
  • Application Usage:

    See which tools your team thrives on and which should be abandoned, identify training needs, and tailor software access for maximum productivity.
  • Website Usage:

    Uncover hidden workflows, identify potential distractions, and optimize website access for focused work.
  • Search Queries:

    Analyze common search terms to reveal knowledge gaps, identify training opportunities, and ensure everyone has the resources they need to excel.
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Preventing Burnout, Boosting Well-being:

  • User Activity:

    The employee monitoring software tracks active/inactive time, start/end times, and shows how the work flows. See activity patterns, flag potential overwork, and ensure healthy work-life balance.
  • Live Viewing:

    This feature, best used with explicit user consent and clear guidelines, can be a valuable tool for remote training and collaborative troubleshooting. Imagine remotely guiding a new team member through a software update!
  • Screen Recording:

    Similar to live viewing, screen recording empowers collaborative support and remote assistance when needed. Think assisting with a complex software issue or capturing a specific workflow for training purposes.
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Optimizing Communication, Fostering Transparency:

  • Self-Monitoring

    Are your employees stuck in unproductive patterns without noticing it? Are they worried about their privacy regarding employee monitoring? Self-monitoring will dispel their doubts and help them reveal areas for improvement. With this feature, employees can access personal productivity dashboards, view their collected data and analyze their daily work patterns. All data is secure: the employees see only their own logs and activity summary.
  • Social Media Usage:

    Gain insights into how your team leverages social media for work. Identify potential collaboration opportunities, optimize outreach strategies, and ensure responsible online conduct.
  • Messengers Activity:

    Navigate the world of internal and external communication. Streamline collaboration channels, identify communication gaps, and ensure information flow.
  • Email Tracking:

    Keep your communications secure and compliant. Monitor for potential security threats and phishing attempts, and ensure adherence to company policies.
Remember, respect is key, and these features are best used with transparency, clear guidelines, and ethical considerations.
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Building a Secure, Sustainable Future:

Peace of mind for everyone, built on trust, transparency and ethical practices.
  • Printer Activity:

    Gain transparency and control over printing resources. Identify potential misuse, optimize paper usage, and ensure responsible document handling. Open communication and clear policies are key when utilizing this feature.
  • External Storage Monitoring:

    Safeguard sensitive data. Track USB drive, HDD, and SD card usage to prevent unauthorized data leaks and maintain compliance.
  • Keylogging (optional)

    This feature offers unprecedented insight into potential security threats. Identify phishing attempts, malware installations, and unauthorized activity. Focus on specific security incidents and ensure strict user consent and clear.
  • Face Recognition (optional):

    Enhance physical security and access control. This feature, best used with explicit user consent and transparent policies, can automate login processes and monitor restricted areas.
  • Webcam & Sound Recording (optional):

    This feature focuses on specific security needs or compliance requirements but must be implemented with the utmost caution. It works best for fraud prevention or adhering to industry regulations. Ensure strict user consent, limited functionality, and clear communication to maintain trust and privacy.
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Unleash Your Team's Potential: The CleverControl Benefits

Forget micromanagement, say hello to maximized potential. CleverControl isn't just about monitoring, it's about empowering your team to thrive. Here's how:
  • Boost Efficiency, Slash Waste:

    Identify hidden bottlenecks, optimize workflows, and watch productivity soar. No more time-draining guesswork, just data-driven insights for a leaner, meaner work machine.
  • Collaboration on Fire:

    Break down communication silos, streamline knowledge sharing, and solve problems faster. Watch your team transform into a well-oiled machine, where every voice is heard and every challenge conquered.
  • Well-being Wins:

    Optimize workloads, prevent burnout, and keep your team happy and healthy. We believe in work-life balance, and CleverControl helps you achieve it, boosting morale and job satisfaction along the way.
Ready to witness the CleverControl transformation? Dive into our case studies and see real-world examples of how companies just like yours are unlocking their full potential.

How it works?

Download CleverControl Agent from your account
Install the program on the computers that you want to monitor
Receive data and analyze them in the account

Your Data, Your Control: Transparency Built In at CleverControl

CleverControl empowers your team, not your IT department. That's why transparency and data security are at the heart of everything we do.
  • Know What's Collected:

    We're upfront about data. You choose which features are active, and every monitoring option can be disabled on each individual computer, anytime.
  • Secure by Design:

    Your data rests easy. It's encrypted both in transit and at rest on secure servers with SSL encryption 128b, the industry standard for online security.
  • Privacy First:

    We understand your concerns. That's why we have resources readily available, outlining ethical use guidelines and employee privacy safeguards. We believe in open communication, so feel free to explore these resources in detail.
  • Your Data, Your Access:

    You're in control. Any employee can request a manager-generated report with their own data, straight from the dashboard. It's your information, easily accessible.

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