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Features of CleverControl

  • Summary statistics of active /inactive time, used applications and websites and more

  • Hidden mode

  • Keylogging(optional)

  • Screenshots

  • Live viewing of the screen of the computer

  • Tracking messengers (Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Telegram, Facebook Messenger and more)

  • Remote monitoring via the secure online account

  • Tracking visited websites

  • Email services (Gmail, Outlook Mail,, Yahoo Mail,

  • Remote install via Active Directory

  • Search queries tracking

  • Website blocker

  • Monitoring social networks activity (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Vkontakte, MySpace, and more)

  • Screen recording

  • Recording video from the webcam(optional)

  • Live streaming video from the webcam(optional)

  • Voice recording(optional)

  • Detailed reports of all activity

  • Call recording(optional)

  • Programs activity monitoring

  • Tracking printer tasks

  • Monitoring external storage devices (USB, HDD, SD)

  • Domain user monitoring

  • Remote uninstall

  • User's activity monitoring

  • Alerts and unwanted words tracking

  • Clipboard monitoring

  • Webcam snapshots(optional)

  • Attendance control

Optimize your teamwork from anywhere in the world with the cloud-based employee monitoring system

Clever Control provides a valuable summary of the workday of your team in just a few clicks.

Employee Monitoring

Get insights into the work process

Work Time Tracking

Detect slackers and maintain discipline in the workplace

Remote access to statistics of employee activity

Boost productivity by optimizing business processes

Employee Monitoring

This summary covers all the aspects of the work process, such as typed text, visited websites, search queries, printer tasks and much more.

See what distractions and ineffective patterns your employees face and how you can reduce them to create a more engaging and efficient workflow.

  • Activity Tracking

    Receive detailed reports of your team's workday routine, such as applications they use, the text they type or copy, their location and much more. Customize screenshots for additional visual evidence that your employees are involved in the work process.

  • Internet Control

    Now you can monitor how your employees use the Internet and what websites they visit. Noticed an unproductive website or a social network? Block it using the Site Blocker feature.

  • Live screen and webcam broadcast

    Shopping, chatting on Facebook or working diligently? Know at a glance what the employee is doing at the moment - see their screen or webcam live. Monitor your employees remotely via a convenient online dashboard.

  • Screen, webcam and sound recording

    Have no time for watching your employees through the workday? Clever Control got you covered. It will make recordings of the screen, microphone and webcam of the monitored computers. Watch them for any period and at any convenient time.

Unlawful activity investigation

Preventing data leakages

Productivity improvement

How does employee monitoring work?

  • Download Clever Control Agent from your account

  • Install the program on the computers that you want to monitor

  • Receive data and analyze them in the account

A happy employee at work

Workplace Privacy and Employee Monitoring

The key to a thriving business is a committed, healthy and efficient team. While employee tracking is a way to support and grow their success, it may lead to an opposite effect if implemented incorrectly.

Clever Control supports the ethical approach to monitoring that brings benefits for both managers and the staff. Do not let business interests overweight the reasonable expectations of the employees' privacy and ruin the valuable trust between you and your team.

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