Monitorování sociálních médií

Social media has become such an integral part of our daily lives that it sometimes hinders our ability to effectively fulfill our responsibilities, including at work. CleverControl can address this challenge and minimize the temptations of virtual socializing with friends instead of focusing on existing work tasks. Here's a step-by-step look at how it works:

  • Start by installing the CleverControl program on the computers you wish to monitor.

  • Next, log in to your account and customize the software. Choose the Monitoring Social Media function among the available options.

  • The gathered information is then transmitted to a server or web account, where it becomes accessible to you via a web browser.

Now, you can analyze the activity and productivity of each employee.

Benefits of Social Media Monitoring Apps for Your Business

So, your office is equipped with CleverControl software, which means you, as an employer, now possess valuable information about how your employees engage on social platforms. How can you use this acquired data to your advantage?

  • Recognize Efficient Employees

    Let's assume that social media monitoring tools, have shown that employees Y and A use these platforms for work purposes and do not spend excessive time on them. Perhaps such responsibility deserves an additional bonus or, at least, recognition during a team meeting?

  • Minimize Weaknesses

    For example, if you notice that employee L spends several hours a day on their Facebook page, liking friends' photos and sharing memes, you can suggest they improve time management and set priorities to reduce distractions. They can read articles on time management online or observe the work habits of employee Y, who stands out for diligence and efficiency.

  • Enhance Security and Confidentiality Control with social media tracking software,

    Track employees' actions that could potentially lead to the disclosure of sensitive information. Warn them in advance or intervene during unwanted actions that might result in the disclosure of confidential, false, or negative information about the company.

Mastering Productivity with Social Media Monitoring Tools

CleverControl provides each employee with a unique opportunity to showcase their positive qualities to their employer, primarily responsibility and professionalism. Through this feature, every active team member can demonstrate that they perform their tasks with quality and speed. If they use popular social platforms, it is solely for finding advantages and new interesting functions for ongoing projects:

  • They acquaint themselves with relevant articles related to the project.

  • They research competitors' activities, analyze their strategies and study market reactions to specific products or services.

  • They establish connections with industry experts, colleagues, and potential clients.

In this way, thanks to social media monitoring software, the effective work of every specialist for the benefit of the business will not go unnoticed.


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