Revealing Inappropriate Usage of Company-Owned Equipment with CleverControl

Revealing Inappropriate Usage of Company-Owned Equipment with CleverControl

CleverControl controls what employees do on their computers, how disciplined they are and what they print on office printers. This feature is particularly useful for companies like printing and design studios where employees often abuse their position to print out things for free for themselves, relatives or friends. It may cost the company significant sums of money, which is why monitoring how the company's resources are used is crucial.

Installing CleverControl on the office computers helped a printing studio save on expendables. Within three months of the installation, the expenses on expendable materials decreased by 12%.

The studio's owner suspected that his employees were using office equipment to print our personal photos and cards against the company's policy. So, at first, he installed CleverControl on their computers secretly to get proof of his suspicions. We do not encourage stealth installation, but in cases like this, it can be justified if it does not break local and state laws. In addition to printer monitoring, the owner enabled screenshots and screen recording - this way, he could have every employee's action registered and get the required proof. Monitoring revealed that employees indeed used the office equipment for personal purposes. One of the designers created and printed out business cards for her friend who had founded her startup recently. Judging by the fact that there were no such orders in the studio's documentation, the owner concluded that the designer did it for free to help her friend.

CleverControl registered multiple instances when the employees printed out books and project papers for their kids, copied documents and more.

After three weeks of monitoring and gathering information about the situation, the owner announced the official start of monitoring. The announcement had the effect that he expected. Over the following weeks, there were no cases of printers usage for personal purposes, and the employees' productivity increased. Knowing that they were monitored, the employees tried to put their best effort into work. The owner also admitted a reduction in expenses on materials.

Essential Features:

  • Printer monitoring
    CleverControl registers the instance of printing with the exact time and date. This report allows you to see how the staff uses the company's resources.
  • Screenshots
    Snaps of the screen capture the employee's activity during the day and may capture the printed document.
  • Screen Recording
    CleverControl records the computer screen continuously and captures all documents that are opened and printed. It is the surest way to check what the employee prints.