Revealing Data Leakages with CleverControl


A trading company from Germany has been using CleverControl since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Implemented as a tool to maintain productivity while working remotely, monitoring has gradually become a part of the company's daily culture. The management did not rush to abandon CleverControl when the pandemic went on the decline, and the employees returned to the office. Thanks to that, the company prevented serious data leakage and saved its reputation.

One of the employees chose to leave the company after her request for a raise was denied. Frustrated by the refusal, she decided to get some extra money from the company in a different way before she left. The employee planned to sell the company's market research and other confidential data to competitors. She copied that data and uploaded them to the personal cloud drive. Thanks to CleverControl, those actions did not go unregistered. The manager feared the frustrated employee could do something inappropriate before she left, so he monitored her closely in her final two weeks in the company. When he reviewed the report from the employee's computer, he paid attention to suspicious entries - access to the confidential data was followed by the login into the personal cloud storage. Further investigation of logs, screenshots and screen recordings proved that the employee stole the data and planned to sell it. She also changed some data to fake in the financial documents stored on the company's server. Her actions could have had dire legal consequences, and the information the employee planned to sell could have cost the company thousands of euros. Thanks to CleverControl, the manager revealed the leakage in time to prevent any possible consequences for the company. Besides, restoring the financial documents was easy using the logs because they showed what information was changed.

Essential Features:

  • Event Log
    CleverControl captures all activity on the computer and presents it in chronological order. The manager could get an overview of the employee's workday and spot any suspicious behaviour.
  • Screenshots
    Screenshots capture the most important activity, such as copying to the clipboard, switching windows and social media chats. They provide additional visual support to the event log.
  • Screen Recording
    This feature captures everything that happens on the computer screen so that no employee's activity goes unnoticed. It is particularly useful in cases of internal investigations.