Online safety and Focus in Classes

Online safety and Focus in Classes

CleverControl is a multifunctional tool that can be used not only for employee monitoring but also in educational institutions. We partnered with a school in the USA to show how CleverControl can help students stay more focused on studying in class.

Teachers admitted that children often used school computers to sneakily browse Twitter, Reddit or other social media in computer science classes. Some students even went so bold as to play online games. Manual control would be ineffective in that case: a teacher could not physically watch all the students in class and conduct a lesson at the same time. The problem required a technical solution, and the school implemented CleverControl to see how the system could handle the task.

The school installed CleverControl on computers in all classes. The administration blocked unwanted groups of websites, such as social media or video hostings, and manually entered a few undesired resources in the blacklist in the settings. Each teacher received access to the monitoring dashboard, and they could track students during classes.

The teachers appreciated the monitoring system. There was no need to control what sites the students accessed in class – CleverControl restricted access to social media and other unwanted resources and registered all attempts to access them. Later, the teacher could check these logs and hold a conversation with the student about discipline and online security, if necessary. They could also see what other unrestricted sites were visited on school computers. If some sites were inappropriate, the teacher could block them to prevent access in future.

CleverControl provided another unexpected benefit to the educational process. The teachers could now control real-time how students completed class assignments, spot mistakes, and provide help when necessary.

The monitoring system also eliminated the need to check computers for unauthorized software, such as games, that could be installed by students. The teacher could see the list of installed applications for each computer in their class at any moment.

Drawing the line, CleverControl proved an excellent solution for the school. It granted more online security and helped students to stay focused in classes by eliminating distractions, such as entertainment sites.

It also facilitated the teachers' work, allowing them to control the educational process in class in real time and freeing them from some routine tasks.

Essential Features:

  • Site blocker
    This feature allowed the school to restrict students' access to unwanted sites in class.
  • Live Viewing
    Monitoring how students do class assignments in real-time and providing timely help made the educational process more efficient.
  • Monitoring installed applications
    This feature allowed the teachers to control what apps students might install on class computers and delete undesired ones in time.