Invoice Fraud

Invoice Fraud

A construction company began suspecting that their accounting department carried out fraud. The managers noticed a few times that the same invoice for materials was paid twice. The cases were written off as mistakes by inattention, but since no one would admit to making the double payment, the costs were taken off the whole department's paychecks. However, the management suspected that those were not just mistakes but had neither proof of it nor the culprit's name. That is why the company contacted CleverControl.

The company acquired the 5 PC package with Screen Recording. Monitoring the screen live and in recording, capturing keystrokes, screenshots, application and website activity should have given enough information to reveal the fraudster if there was one. Besides, talks in messengers and emails could become a valuable source of information, so the management paid attention to those logs too.

CleverControl was pushed to the office computers silently via Active Directory not to alarm the possible culprit. Generally, we do not recommend setting up monitoring stealthily, although, in cases like this one, it can be justified.

Soon, the monitoring revealed financial fraud going on in the company. Double payments were not one-time cases - one of the accountants double-paid regularly, usually low-value invoices not to attract attention. Screen recordings provided proof of double transactions with the recipient's name. The management found that such payments went to the same supplier. They assumed that the accountant colluded with the supplier to conduct that fraud, and they shared the profit from those double payments. To get evidence, the manager studied email and keystroke logs from the accountant's computer and found that she sent confirmation emails to the supplier after making the double payment. Those emails served as direct evidence of the fraud.

The accountant was fired. The company was going to sue her, using proofs they got with the help of CleverControl among others.

Essential Features:

  • Screen recordings
    This feature captured the fact of double payments to the provider.
  • Social media monitoring
    Social media and email monitoring allowed the company to get proof of the criminal deal between the accountant and the supplier.
  • Remote installation via Group Policy
    Silent installation via Group Policy allowed the management to set up the program without alarming the culprit.