Implementing CleverControl On-Premise: A Legal Firm's Journey to Enhanced Employee Productivity

Implementing CleverControl On-Premise: A Legal Firm's Journey to Enhanced Employee Productivity

In Charlotte, North Carolina, a prestigious law firm renowned for its client-oriented approach faced an intricate challenge. With a team of over 50 seasoned lawyers specializing in diverse practice areas, the firm was committed to client satisfaction and had an impressive record in handling complex legal matters. Yet, a gap was emerging; maintaining a high standard of service required monitoring employee productivity and optimizing work processes.

Managing Director Alexandra realized that the firm needed to assess its employees' work activity for two primary reasons: to identify bottlenecks in their workflows and to ensure optimal utilization of time and resources. However, industry limitations prohibited the use of cloud-based employee monitoring solutions. The sensitive nature of legal information required an on-site solution. "Considering the industry limitations and strict data privacy rules that law firms like ours deal with, we find on-premise employee monitoring to be the best option," explains Alexandra. "With an on-premise solution, we have direct control over data storage and access, which reduces the chances of breaches or unauthorized handling of sensitive client information. It lets us maintain top-notch data security while staying compliant with industry regulations and safeguarding client confidentiality and attorney-client privilege."

Considering these circumstances, the firm opted for CleverControl On-Premise. This employee monitoring solution offered all the functionalities of its cloud version, including real-time monitoring, internet usage tracking, and application usage reports. Yet, its prime advantage was that all data was stored on the company's local servers, providing an additional layer of security and privacy.

"We chose CleverControl On-Premise because it perfectly aligned with our need for a secure, comprehensive, and locally-stored monitoring system," Alexandra shared. "Its diverse features and strong security framework made it an easy choice."

The implementation of CleverControl On-Premise significantly impacted the firm. With its real-time monitoring feature, supervisors could identify employees who struggled with their workload, helping them to restructure tasks more effectively. The Internet usage tracking exposed websites that distracted employees (such as entertainment websites and Youtube), leading to the establishment of an acceptable use policy to minimize distractions.

Besides, Alexandra got valuable info about her employees following the latest trend and using ChatGPT for work purposes. It turned out that some of her less experienced employees did as much as 30% of their work with the help of AI. Alexandra and her firm participated in the recent CleverControl’s research on how ChatGPT is used in the legal industry, more of it here.

A more efficient workflow emerged after identifying and reducing bottlenecks, increasing productivity by an estimated 13%. Moreover, the on-site data storage guaranteed the privacy of sensitive client information, reinforcing the firm's dedication to client confidentiality and data security.

In Alexandra's words, "CleverControl On-Premise not only improved our productivity but also preserved our commitment to client confidentiality. It's been a win-win for us."

In conclusion, CleverControl On-Premise proved an effective solution for the law firm. Its robust features, combined with the assurance of on-premises data storage, improved work processes and upheld client confidentiality, proving that the right technology can support and enhance traditional professional values.