Unscrupulous Newbie

Unscrupulous Newbie

Monitoring new inexperienced employees during the probation period might seem unnecessary. It is hard to expect 100% efficiency from someone who has just graduated college and is getting their first job. Instead of bringing positive changes, monitoring can create excessive pressure and stimulate anxiety, lowering the person's productivity and self-confidence. However, if implemented ethically, tracking can be a valuable tool to help the employee adjust to the new place. And sometimes learn about their motivation to work in the company, as in today's case.

A retail company dealing in cosmetics hired Ann, a young college graduate, to work with its online customers. Her responsibilities included taking and confirming orders, answering questions in the online chat, controlling order packing and sending and informing the customer of their order status.

The company had already been using CleverControl for a year to assess the quality of customer service and maintain work discipline. The managers used the gathered reports mainly to track the beginning and end of the workday and view screenshots to see how employees work and how they communicate with customers.

The CleverControl agent was installed on all computers in the office, including the new employee's one. The manager warned Ann about the monitoring. He assured her he would not monitor her productivity indicators too strictly at first, so she had time to adapt to the new job. However, Ann misinterpreted the manager's kindness for laxity and assumed she would not be monitored at all. It allowed the manager to reveal her true intentions.

The manager decided to check the logs of the new employee's work gathered by CleverControl during the first two weeks of her work. He found out that Ann spent most of her time on esoterics websites and chats with her friends. But that was only half of the problem. Chat logs showed that Ann openly mocked and insulted her new colleagues and managers in conversations with her friends. She expressed arrogance and disgust towards her coworkers, calling them stupid and mediocre. Besides, Ann openly admitted that the position was only a terminal point for a couple of months until she opened her own online cosmetics store. Moreover, she hoped to steal the company's client base to use it for her store.

Thanks to monitoring, the manager could reveal the unscrupulous and disrespectful employee and take measures before she harmed the company or her coworkers.

Essential Features:

  • IM monitoring
    Screenshots revealed Ann's disrespect to her coworkers and intentions to steal confidential information.
  • User's activity statistics
    The statistics allow monitoring when each employee starts their workday and help to maintain work discipline.
  • لقطات الشاشة
    Screenshots present a comprehensive image of each employee's workday.