Increasing customer satisfaction with the help of CleverControl

Increasing customer satisfaction with the help of CleverControl

A translation agency from the USA implemented CleverControl in their office six months ago. The agency mainly specializes in technical and medical translations that require knowledge of special terms, understanding of the sphere and diligence. The agency often received complaints about the quality of translations - the clients were disappointed that texts looked like results of automated translation. So, the goal of implementing CleverControl was to track the quality of the employees’ work, ensure that they do not use translation engines like Google Translate and monitor their overall productivity and engagement.

The first results of monitoring showed that employees overused translation engines. Clipboard logs showed that instead of using them for translation of words and phrases, they translated paragraphs or whole texts. According to the keyboard logs, employees did very few edits to the result, and the meaning of the text was frequently inaccurate or misleading.

Another problem was one of the best translators of the agency. He accepted more orders than his colleagues and always delivered quality translations. CleverControl helped to reveal that the employee delegated his work to a group of freelancers from Asian countries who charged low for their work. Since the employee regularly received bonuses for his good work, paying a portion of his salary to freelancers was still beneficial for him. The truth was revealed with the help of screenshots of chats that captured the employee’s communication with freelancers.

Using CleverControl’s site blocker, the management limited employees’ access to translation engines and conducted regular checks of their work with the help of the screenshots and Live Viewing features. There was no consensus regarding the translator who delegated his work to freelancers among managers, though. After long debates, they decided to promote him. “If he can build efficient teams, he should develop as a manager,” one of the managers said.

These measures (and firing a few translators who could not meet new requirements) allowed the agency to lower the number of complaints by 70% and increase customer satisfaction.

Essential Features:

  • Websites monitoring and blocking
    These features enabled the management to detect the extensive usage of automated translators and block them.
  • Clipboard and keyboard monitoring
    Thanks to these features, the managers could assess the quality of employees’ work.
  • Additional screenshots for chats
    This feature provided evidence that one of the employees delegated his work to freelancers.