What to Look For When Choosing a Candidate For the Job

What to Look For When Choosing a Candidate For the Job

What qualities should an applicant possess and which of them you should pay attention to in the first place is a critical question. Since errors during selection of employees can cost an employer quite a lot, a number of factors should be taken into consideration. And first of all is aptness of applicant’s education for a vacant position.

The procedure of personnel selection includes several consecutive steps

  1. Selection of suitable candidates for the position.

  2. Analysis of the job interview.

  3. Check of the information provided by a candidate.

  4. Decision-making.

  5. Execution of the contract.

A manager should pay attention to how frequently an applicant changed his or her places of work in the past. If a person changed the jobs too often it is important to find out why. Perhaps, the candidate will turn out to be antisocial or prone to conflict and unwilling to consider opinions of other employees. The next factor is adequacy of applicant’s work experience to the position for which he/she applies. A future employee may simply be incompetent and won’t be able to cope with the job responsibilities.

Career is a sensitive issue or the lack of it to be exact. Say, a person spent 5 years as a construction site worker and after all that time was not able to become a foreman or a qualified builder. In this case it’s obvious that this person does not tend to self-improve or learn new things. According to statistics it takes a person 3 years to realize his or her full potential. If this does not happen then there is no competence or career development to even talk about. A manager should also pay attention to which of their positive qualities employees accentuate, on which ones they focus, and whether or not applicants are prepared to undergo learning and training.

Next factor is that you cannot hire a person who does not understand what the new position requires. There is a possibility that the person who gets the job will be unhappy with salary or with work hours and that will heat up the atmosphere in the workplace. Recommendations from previous jobs are also important because if there is anybody who knows an applicant’s every strength and weakness it is his or her previous boss. Another significant factor is appearance of a future employee. If a person does not realize that shorts are for the beach and for a job interview a classic suit is required such applicant will cause some problems in the future.

Because even at the very first stage of acquaintance an applicant does not understand what discipline and presentable appearance mean. It is also necessary to pay attention to how enterprising and outgoing a person is and whether he or she replies to questions easily. Such an employee will be sociable and will be open to customers.

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