The Top 10 DLP Software Choices for Your Business

The Top 10 DLP Software Choices for Your Business

Every company's IT infrastructure operates private and important data, known as business-critical data. Sometimes some loops in the business's infrastructure may cause data leaks and huge privacy issues for the company. So, protecting the overall security of IT infrastructure becomes essential, and Data Loss Prevention Software provides these services.

This software prevents data leaking, loss, or misuse in your digital system through breaches or unauthorized usage. This software brings a set of tools, procedures, and processes that protect the sensitive information in your system. It is because that information is confidential and critical for business operations.

Criteria for selection of Data Loss Prevention Software: Things you need to consider

When you look for data loss prevention software options, you will find many service providers offering their services. While they all provide the same services, some significant differences may affect your experience. So, having a criterion for selecting the data loss prevention software is essential.

Here are the seven most important factors you need to consider.


The selection criteria start with your requirements regarding features offered by the tool. Check what features each tool offers. Does it provide basic features like encryption and monitoring? Are there any additional features available that can elevate your experience?

  • Features

    The selection criteria start with your requirements regarding features offered by the tool. Check what features each tool offers. Does it provide basic features like encryption and monitoring? Are there any additional features available that can elevate your experience?

  • Ease of use

    Ease of use means the tool must be uncomplicated to set up. Its interface must provide you with all the details in one glance, and operating it must not require much technical knowledge.

  • Compatibility

    Compatibility matters when employees at your company use different devices. It may not be a huge issue if the employee connects to your IT infrastructure through the company desktop only. However, when computers run on different OS and employees connect to the IT infrastructure with their smartphones, getting wide compatibility is important.

  • Integration

    Businesses use multiple security solutions today. If other solutions do not provide data loss prevention features, you can use standalone software for that requirement. However, if the software allows integration with other security solutions, that will improve its usability up to 10 times.

  • Customer support

    Customer support is an important factor since not every business has technical background employees. So, customer support must be available 24/7, and more importantly, it must be available in different ways.

  • Price

    Pricing of the data loss prevention software matters depending on the size of your team. Some teams are small, while some are large, and depending on the requirements, they may choose a subscription model or a one-time purchase. So, it is important to check whether different pricing plans are available.

  • Performance

    Lastly, you must check how well this data loss prevention software performs. From instant alerts to reliable performance and results, it must provide top-notch results. One way to check the performance capabilities of software without trying is by checking the reviews on software websites or other online review websites.

Top 10 DLP software options you need to know about

When choosing data loss prevention software, different businesses have different requirements. Some require a light experience with some DLP functionalities and employee monitoring features. Similarly, some companies need a solution with all-encompassing functionality and strict parameters.

So, here is our list of the top 10 data loss prevention software options you can pick from.

  1. CleverControl

    CleverControl is an employee monitoring software that brings data loss prevention functionalities. It offers a complete experience for teams of all sizes with real-time monitoring and productivity tracking regarding employee management.

    Similarly, it offers data loss prevention functionality by monitoring any external storage device whenever they are connected to the infrastructure computer. CleverControl understands how badly employees can leak data by printing it in physical form, so it also monitors all printer tasks for higher data integrity.

    In case of an incident, CleverControl's logs of each user's activity can provide the necessary evidence to find the culprit.

    CleverControl is a very user-friendly solution: its installation and configuration are as easy as an ABC. It will be particularly beneficial for small and mid-sized businesses that do not have a staff IT specialist.

    CleevrControl also offers a fully-featured on-premise solution that grants an extra level of security. With the on-premise solution, the company can fully control who accesses the sensitive data, and how it is stored and used.

    Key Features and Benefits

    • Screen viewing and recording
    • Social network monitoring, messenger tracking
    • Program activity monitoring
    • Printer task tracking
    • Website blocker

    Pricing Options and Plans

    • Free trial available
    • Cloud Based starts at $4.7 for 1 PC.
    • On-Premises starts at $7.90 for 1PC

    Customer support

    CleverControl uses a ticketing-based support system. Hence you can lodge complaints and check their status online. Besides, the service provides live chat, Whatsapp, and phone support.

  2. Teramind

    Teramind software searches your whole system and looks for sensitive data to prioritize different types according to their importance. Next, it uses policy-based and prioritized blocking and behavioral analytics to ensure that the data stays safe while employees work on specific tasks.

    With the user tracking features from Teramind, your business can track activities on different applications, websites, and over the network. It can also monitor emails for extra security.

    Key Features and Benefits

    • NLP and OCR technologies
    • Risk assessment
    • System audits
    • File integrity monitoring

    Pricing Options and Plans

    • Free trial available
    • DLP monthly plan starts at $25 with a 17% discount for annual payments

    Customer support

    Teramind provides customer support via email, cloud dashboard, customer portal, and partner portal. So, you can use the one that seems most convenient.

  3. Veriato

    Veriato focuses on employee activity monitoring and analyzing content. Your business can create a data protection policy, and the policy enforcement features from Veriato ensure that nothing goes against your policies in your whole infrastructure. It can detect when your employees disengage with the system, and through behavioral tracking, the software can give you impressive insights into the performance of every employee.

    It powers businesses' data loss prevention needs and simplifies employee retention with a comprehensive suite.

    Key Features and Benefits

    • Backed with artificial intelligence
    • Provides psycholinguistic analysis
    • In-depth control over functions
    • Productivity monitoring

    Pricing Options and Plans

    • The monthly plan starts at $25 with a 52% discount for annual payments
    • Customized packages available

    Customer support

    Veriato provides customer support by live chat, email, and phone.

  4. InterGuard

    InterGuard focuses more on email and web filtering. With it implemented in your system, employees cannot transfer files without the tool knowing since it prevents data loss with its strict file transfer tracking features. InterGuard helps your team with features like activity and keystroke logging. It prevents data breaches and monitors employee productivity to prevent unauthorized file transfers.

    Employees cannot proceed with unauthorized file downloads, so your company can enjoy the best data integrity.

    Key Features and Benefits

    • Effective interface with multiple views
    • Runs on any device virtually
    • Takes screenshots in 3 different ways
    • Remote usage

    Pricing Options and Plans

    • The monthly plan starts at $25 per user
    • The annual plan starts at $156 per user

    Customer support

    InterGuard has live chat and phone customer support options that are available 24/7

  5. McAfee DLP Endpoint

    McAfee data loss prevention tool focuses on endpoint protection and network security for your digital infrastructure. With this software, you can use data classification features to classify a company's data into different levels. Hence, you can prioritize security for each data level accordingly.

    This way, a business can use comprehensive data loss prevention on all endpoints, whether offline, network, or cloud. Moreover, it provides centralized reporting and incident management solutions.

    Key Features and Benefits

    • Capture technology provides better visibility
    • Gives you a complete overview of your data's usage and leakage
    • Strong data classification features help identify data
    • Data transmission encryption

    Pricing Options and Plans

    • Pricing details can be obtained by contacting their sales team.

    Customer support

    McAfee DLP Endpoint brings support via email, call, live chat, knowledge base, and forums.

  6. Forcepoint DLP

    Forcepoint brings content awareness by blocking actions and only allows those specific actions when needed. Hence, it improves the productivity of employees. Moreover, it provides cloud security features that protect financial data, payment information, images, and trade secrets within your digital infrastructure.

    It also tracks your employees' behavioral activity to track employee productivity further. Forcepoint can protect data related to your infrastructure everywhere by alarms so you can act at the right time.

    Key Features and Benefits

    • OCR
    • Comprehensive data discovery
    • Risk protection with behavioral analytics
    • Database flexibility

    Pricing Options and Plans

    • A free trial can be requested
    • Get detailed pricing according to the services you need by contacting sales.

    Customer support

    Forcepoint customer support is available on live calls with dedicated numbers for different regions.

  7. Symantec Data Loss Prevention

    Symantec data loss protection from Broadcom with cloud security capabilities, endpoint protection, and network protection prevents data loss. It prevents and offers a complete suite of features, including incident management options.

    With Symantec DLP, you can get compliance reporting for all incidents happening in your IT infrastructure, including data breaches, compliance risks, and policy violations. The tool is smart enough to detect risky user behavior and block functions for security automatically.

    Key Features and Benefits

    • Automatic data leak incident remediation
    • Smart one-click responses
    • In-depth analysis
    • Flexibility in fine-truing functionalities

    Pricing Options and Plans

    • To get detailed pricing, you need to contact their sales team.

    Customer support

    Symantec Data Loss Prevention team provides customer support through the MySupport portal. Alternatively, you may try the live call option.

  8. Digital Guardian

    Digital Guardian is an advanced threat protection solution that classifies data into different classes. It also brings some user behavior monitoring features within the SaaS application. Digital Guardian comes as a strong package, but being a SaaS tool, everything, including performance, setup ease, scalability, and other features, is top-notch.

    Digital Guardian is an advanced threat protection solution that classifies data into different classes. It also brings some user behavior monitoring features within the SaaS application. Digital Guardian comes as a strong package, but being a SaaS tool, everything, including performance, setup ease, scalability, and other features, is top-notch.

    Key Features and Benefits

    • Data classification based on context, content, and user
    • Exceptional risk protection policies
    • Native and cross-platform applications
    • Complete endpoint coverage

    Pricing Options and Plans

    • Demo services available
    • Contact the sales team to get pricing

    Customer support

    Digital Guardian provides live customer support from the customer support portal online. Alternatively, you can try email and phone call options.

  9. Trend Micro Integrated DLP

    Trend Micro's integrated DLP solution brings advanced features to prevent data loss for businesses. It packs advanced threat protection and data classification features. While most other tools only report the incidents, they can provide adequate incident responses. Moreover, the policy enforcement features here ensure data integrity and confidentiality.

    On top of everything, it is software that can work on any computer and provide comprehensive control.

    Key Features and Benefits

    • It can restrict different offline and online storage connections
    • Supports automating
    • Improper data usage detection based on filters
    • Risk identification helps improve data usage policies.

    Pricing Options and Plans

    • 30 days free trial available
    • Contact sales for pricing details

    Customer support

    Trend Micro Integrated DLP offers email customer support, live chat, and phone calling options.

  10. Proofpoint Enterprise DLP

    Proofpoint Enterprise is a comprehensive data loss prevention solution with advanced features. It offers in-depth content analyses with advanced algorithms. Your business can get data discovery and user behavior tracking features. On top of everything, it provides email encryption, the most common way of downloading viruses and sending confidential files to external parties.

    While manual alerting takes around 15 minutes to review one alert, which can be inefficient when your confidential files are at stake, with Proofpoint Enterprise, you get real-time alert reviewing that enhances security.

    Key Features and Benefits

    • Scalability
    • Customizable data detectors
    • Unified incident investigation interface

    Pricing Options and Plans

    • Free trial available
    • User-centric customized pricing is available

    Customer support

    Proofpoint Enterprise DLP offers a customer support portal and phone call option available 24/7.


Each data loss prevention tool we discussed above comes with reliable performance, an exquisite feature set, and several benefits for businesses of different sizes. While CleverControl offers reliable real-time monitoring, Veriato is great at activity monitoring, and Trend Micro offers comprehensive monitoring and prevention features. Similarly, every tool brings something better than others.

However, if you want to select one, then you need to check it according to your feature requirements. Always use the data loss prevention tool that meets your basic requirements first and adds value by offering even better features. So, one reliable tool you can try with great expectations is CleverControl. It offers a complete experience with its employee monitoring and some DLP capabilities.

Data has already become the most valuable asset of the 21st century, and with the advancement in fields like AI, ML, and data science, data utilization will increase. While data holds a lot of potential, it can be very critical for your business at the same time. It is because if an unauthorized user accesses sensitive and confidential data, your business can be at risk.

So, with the importance of data continuously increasing, it also becomes exponentially important to prevent data loss from your IT infrastructure. Hence, we can say that the DLP software technology will improve further to provide even better protection against unwanted data loss.

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