Three Myths about Young Professionals

Three Myths about Young Professionals

Generation Y is credited with mythical traits and some promise that it will change the labor market. But recent studies have shown that the main arguments of those who like predict the future are easily disproved by statistics. Young professionals do not differ much from more mature candidates they but are more willing to get involved in the work, if their own values and the values of the company are the same.

Myth №1. Young professionals change jobs more often.

In fact, statistics say that this figure is roughly the same for specialists of all age categories. IBM Institute for Business Value presented some interesting data in their last year's study, they interviewed representatives of three generations - baby boomers, X, and Y, - and found that more than 40% of respondents in each group are willing to change jobs if they stop liking their current one. And the main motivations in job changing would be a bigger salary and a more comfortable workplace. It goes for all three generation groups.

Myth №2. They need special incentives.

In fact, salary is the biggest priority. It is the best motivation for all ages. The small difference here is that for young professionals personal development plays a special role. They are interested in building a career, and for that, they need help from more experienced colleagues.

Almost 63% of Generation Y representatives surveyed by Deloitte said that their current job does not develop their leadership skills well enough. And for them, it is a serious reason to look for a new job with a higher position and higher level of responsibility.

Myth №3. The balance of work and personal life is very important for them.

In fact, for them, it is not more important than for the others. Young people do not spend a lot of time with family and they love to spend time productively: learn new things, take online courses to improve their professional skills, and, of course, rest.

SAP’s figures say that only 29% of millennials said that work/personal life balance is essential. Among the other generations, this figure is slightly higher 31%.

Young professionals can be very motivated, goal-oriented and loyal employees if your pay enough attention to them and share their values. But no matter how motivated new employee looks, it is always better to check the facts. And for that statistics won't help, but a special employee monitoring system will. CleverControl presents a new all-in-one monitoring system that is perfect for total control of your all employees, including the young professionals.

Three Myths about Young Professionals

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