StaffCop PC Monitoring Software – No More Naughty Employees!

StaffCop PC Monitoring Software – No More Naughty Employees!

All companies should have realized the importance of an employee monitoring solution. The problem is that they aren’t sure what kind of system they need. Here’s a good choice. StaffCop is considered as one of the best options for users. There are many benefits people can get from it.

For example, the system has the capability to utilize both silent mode and transparent monitoring. The silent mode gives the users the ability to track workers without their awareness. On the other hand, transparent monitoring mode is recognizable among workers. Not to mention StaffCop also provides a remote monitoring feature, so the users can what the employees do on the administrator computer.

What Are the Features?

StaffCop is quite useful as it provides the best monitoring features. It isn’t surprising it becomes one of the most favored software to monitor staff and employee. The program trails any sites the employees are accessing while on the job session, how long they are using them, which links used, and even the content they are sharing.

The feature called keystroke logger is useful to inspect whether or not the staff badmouthing or leaking out company secrets. It also inspects whether the employee shares such crucial information on their social media accounts or not during the work time. The program is also useful when it comes to PC activity monitoring. The entire applications of the PC can be tracked to ensure employees are using them based on protocol and guidelines of the company.

There’s also an important feature of the program. It’s the file and data monitoring. This feature gives the ability for the users to inspect any important documents regarding the usage. By this, the managers or supervisors may know if those data are retrieved by someone after being attached or deleted. Plus, it’s able to inspect USB devices for preventing the leakage of important data of the company.

Control Functions and Support

Monitoring staff activity is imperative for all companies. StaffCop isn’t only able to monitor worker’s behaviors, but it also provides many other features. There’s even the control function. The feature provides the capability for the users to both block and filter particular websites. By this, the employees who often waste their work time aren’t able to access those sites. There’s also a feature that is able to block removable storage devices like USB in order to avoid or lessen the risk of company data leakage.

StaffCop also includes responsive support for the users. Even though the service doesn’t provide any telephone number, users can take advantage of live chat and email to ask questions. The site is also full of information and articles from where people can learn more about employee monitoring system. There’s also an FAQ page to learn more regarding StaffCop program. Perhaps some people may look for more monitoring features from this software. However, it has given lots of functional tools in order to perform an excellent monitoring task for PC activities. The users are also able to use it either in transparent or silent mode.

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