Right or Wrong: How to Understand If You Have Found The Job of Your Dreams

Right or Wrong: How to Understand If You Have Found The Job of Your Dreams

When the probation is long over and work days become steadier and resemble one another, a thought may cross your mind: have you made the right decision? How do you understand if the chosen job is right for you? There are several key factors that influence your satisfaction with your job. On asking yourself the appropriate questions you will understand if the job is right for you or it’s time to think of changing the company.

Enjoying your job

No doubt, an interesting job or project is a great luck because you get paid for the work you like to do which makes your life richer and more exciting. Besides, you understand what exactly your daily actions give others and the world. Let’s agree that the realization that your whole day will be devoted to something that benefits people around is a great motivation to wake up in the morning.

Sometimes, to understand what your calling is, you have to change several companies and even areas of work, but it is worth it. In future, looking back you will conclude proudly that you have devoted your life not only to a well-paid but also to a favourite work.

Flexibility of the work schedule

Nowadays many professionals start to think about their work schedule. The world trends are moving towards free schedule - people want more time for their self-fulfilment, families and hobbies. The flexible working schedule also helps to enjoy the wealth of life without losing your career development.

If it is really important for you that your manager understands your requests for working remotely temporarily, a longer vacation or changing your working time, make it a starting point for deciding if this job suits you.

The appropriate compensation

Everyone wants a higher salary and more bonuses. We live in the society and constantly compare ourselves with people around. However, this comparison must be consistent: learn about the average salary for your profession and your level of experience from a job website, ask your colleagues from other companies or even visit a job interview. Keeping up-to-date is assessing the situation on the labour market realistically.

Understood that you are paid less than your experience and professionalism are worth? Don’t hesitate to have a talk about the pay rise with your employer or try to look for another job.

The atmosphere in the staff

Career growth is another factor that should be included in the list of determining ones. Almost every job offer supposes some promotion in future but you will know if it can really be achieved only after having worked for some time in the company.

Energetic, active and progressive people might feel over time that the current post is too small for them.

Have you gained new skills and interests? Do you want to take part in larger projects? It means the time has come for you to grow! And if your company cannot open new horizons to achieve for you, don’t hesitate to look for another prospective employer.

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