Reviewing Symantec Protection Suite Small Business

Reviewing Symantec Protection Suite Small Business

The market of internet security software keeps on expanding from time to time. There are many providers who take parts in this industry by introducing their own software. Symantec, as a reputable brand in this industry, has also joined the competition by introducing their Symantex Protection Suite Small Business. Despite the fact that this security software is offered with an affordable price and is meant for small business owners, you can still enjoy high-end protection features like you usually find in many big business security suites.

You can use this small business security software to protect many different endpoints like Macs, laptops, gateways, Exchange servers, network access points, desktops and Linux-based devices. In addition to that, the Symantec also comes many reporting options and tools that you can use to prevent data loss.

More Details About Symantec Protection Suite Small Business

This Symantec small business protection suite is a complete security software that has all the core security features to keep your online interactions protected. It can also protect your file downloads and email exchange activities. It turns out to be a very helpful security tool as it will scan any file you try to download. You can also use it to restore files from backups and encrypt the files in transit. This small business security software turns out to be exceptional when it comes to malware detection and removal. These capacity has been identified by some tests from third party test agencies.

This small business protection allows you to manage all the security issues through a single console. This central management system gives you the access to reports, logs and statuses. You can also use the console to keep all the notifications, policies and alerts well organized. It should not be hard for you to decide which websites to be visited and the applications you use. In other words, the managers will have the power to control or limit the access of their employees and keep the data loss and intrusion risks away.

Symantec Protection Suite Small Business comes with Cube Reporting, a reporting method that allows you to create reports easily through a simple drag and drop system. The managers can use this feature to take advantage of the information Symantec volume. The reports may appear in graphical statistic and you can share the resulted KPIs with other managers to help you make a clear decision. In order to get the most of this Symantec security solution, it is highly recommended that it is installed by a person with at least a moderate experience in information technology. Thanks to its mixture of endpoints, this security software can be a nice choice for small business owners.


Symantec Protection Suite Small Business is a comprehensive choice for many small businesses. It comes with a great capability to handle your basic internet security and much more. Not only that is comes with excellent malware protection feature, it is also equipped with numerous tools meant for preventing both intentional and accidental data loss incidents.

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