Remote Employee Monitoring

Remote Employee Monitoring

Changing work models

The hybrid work model is deemed to be the future of employment. It means a mix of office and remote work, for example, when an employee works from home for a few days a week. While during the Covid-19 pandemic staying out of the office was a necessity, in 2022, roughly six out of ten workers in the USA deliberately choose the comfort of their own homes all or most days if their jobs can be done remotely.

Though remote and hybrid work models benefit employees, they are causes for obvious concern for managers. A lack of self-control and plenty of distractions in the home office can be detrimental to the employee's productivity.

Remote monitoring software

Here is when remote monitoring comes in. CleverControl allows tracking employees wherever they work- at home, in the office or on a business trip halfway around the world. After the installation on the employee's computer or a laptop, the software collects data about their activity and delivers it to the online dashboard. It does not matter where the device is as long as it is connected to the Internet. Even when the device's Internet connection is spotty or missing, there is no reason to be concerned. CleverControl keeps monitoring the employee's activity even offline and sends the report as soon as the connection is restored.

Remote monitoring encompasses almost every employee's activities on the computer, from running programs to printer operations. The reports contain the complete history of visited websites, activity on social media, idle periods, the beginning and end of work, video and sound recordings from the web camera and much more. Such enormous data is rather hard to examine and analyze - and it becomes even more difficult if you monitor several employees or the whole company. CleverControl takes on this work and presents the data in the form of easily assessable charts and statistics. Average active time, most used apps and websites, search queries - all these analytics are available for each user or group and any set period.

CleverControl also assesses the productivity of each employee. The system categorizes websites or applications as productive or unproductive and calculates the employee's overall productivity level based on this classification.

Tracking attendance is another advantage of the program. The system will show when an employee starts and stops working each day, revealing regular latecomers and early leavers.

CleverControl's monitoring system allows remote tracking activity not only retrospectively but also in real-time. You do not necessarily have to be in the office to check what the staff is doing at the moment. It is enough to log in to your online dashboard and connect to Live Viewing. Live Viewing streams the employees' screens along with real-time updates on the visited websites, keystrokes and clipboard events. Live Webcam performs a similar function - only it streams video from the computer's camera.

Сontrol and configuration

Remote monitoring offers more opportunities than just receiving reports of employees' activities. The online dashboard allows configuring tracking settings without accessing target computers. For example, you can switch on and off website tracking, change the video recording intervals or turn off monitoring of a particular computer. You can also edit the users' information, add jobs and avatars and divide computers into groups, making monitoring even more convenient.

The fast-pacing world changes all spheres of our lives, including our work models. CleverControl makes adapting to the new normal - remote or hybrid types of work - smooth and easy. Whether your employees work from home, office or on a trip, you always know they are their most productive selves. You can track their performance level, see what they are doing at any time of the workday and limit distractions - all remotely from the comfort of your office.

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