Attracting customers to CleverControl

If you cannot accept payments from your customers or worry that your client can buy from us directly, we have a solution for you. You can participate in the partner program that works like this: you introduce customers to CleverControl and submit their information to us. If your customer decides to buy a license after your presentation, you will receive a commission from us.

You must be a registered partner to take part in this program.

For our part, we provide you with advertisement materials and tutorials that may be necessary for you to present our solution to customers. Please note that you should also deliver first-level support to those clients who purchase CleverControl after your presentation.

  1. Find a customer who may be interested in our solution.

  2. Introduce them to CleverControl and direct them to our website where they can make a purchase.

  3. If the customer intends to buy CleverControl, submit the information about them to our partner manager at

  4. Once we receive the order from the reported customer, the partner manager will contact you regarding the commission and the payout.

Now you know everything about partnering with CleverControl. If you have any questions, please contact us at, and we will be sure to help.