Partner coupon codes

If you wish to resell Clever Control, you need a partner discount coupon. It allows you to buy licenses from Clever Control with a 30% discount.

Then, you can resell it to your customer for the full price. You will receive a personal coupon code by email shortly after your partner application is approved.

Follow these steps to purchase Clever Control for your client:

  1. Create a free CleverControl account here.

  2. Click "Purchase" at the top of the dashboard.

    coupon instruction
  3. You will be redirected to the purchase page. Choose the plan and the number of computers and click "BUY NOW".

    coupon instruction
  4. You will find yourself on the checkout page that looks like this:

    coupon instruction
  5. Fill in the billing information: enter your full name, email, billing address and phone number.

    coupon instruction
  6. Check the box “License to another person”. Fill in your customer's name and email.

    coupon instruction
  7. IMPORTANT: Fill in the field “Licensee Email” with the email that your customer uses as a login in the Clever Control system. If your customer has already signed up for a CleverControl account (for example, during a trial period), enter the email that they use in the CleverControl system. The system will automatically link the license to it.

    If your customer has not signed up for a CleverControl account yet, ask them which email they would like to use and enter that email. The system will automatically create an account with that email and link the purchased license to it.

  8. Choose your preferred payment method and fill in your billing details.

    coupon instruction
  9. Check the box "I have a coupon", enter your partner coupon code and click Enter. The price will be recalculated automatically factoring in your current commission rate.

    coupon instruction
  10. Click “SUBMIT ORDER” to finish.

  11. When the order is processed, you will receive the confirmation email.

Important note: As a partner, you should provide first-level support to customers who bought Clever Control from you. We, for our part, will provide all the necessary advertisement materials and tutorials to you and support your customers in cases of technical issues.

Do you worry that your client can buy directly from us instead of you? Or you cannot charge the client? We offer bonuses for attracting clients to our solution too. Read on to learn more about it.