Monitoring for Call Centers: From Dreams to Reality

Monitoring for Call Centers: From Dreams to Reality

In the relentless competition of today's business landscape, every detail counts, and any misstep can prove costly. The key priority of any business is its clients, and modern clients are not easy to please. They expect exceptional customer support, quick and efficient handling of their requests, and round-the-clock availability.

The call center is a crucial point of contact for businesses to establish personalized connections with their customers. Here lies both the challenge and the opportunity: the qualifications and productivity of your call center agents hold the power to shape your customers' experiences and, consequently, your company's success. Constantly honing their skills is a non-negotiable pursuit.

Understanding that customer calls are more than just support interactions, monitoring your call center agents' interactions with clients becomes a strategic imperative. Unveiling the power of employee monitoring, and most importantly, tracking communications with clients, you'll witness firsthand how it optimizes agent performance, fuels skill enhancement, and ultimately elevates your call center's capacity to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

This article reveals how CleverControl, particularly its sound recording features, can help boost the call center agent's productivity and qualification.

What is sound recording in CleverControl?

CleverControl is a reliable and comprehensive employee monitoring program offering rich functionality to track your support agents' activity. Among its many standout capabilities, what truly sets CleverControl apart is its perfected sound recording features.

CleverControl's sound recording functionality goes beyond the ordinary. It captures ambient sound in the office from the user's microphone, records calls in popular messengers, and even creates short video recordings with sound from the user's webcam. The flexibility of CleverControl's sound recording settings empowers you to configure recordings to suit your unique needs. You can initiate recordings at the beginning of a user's session or set custom time intervals to capture specific periods of interest.

Call recording is triggered automatically when users initiate calls, covering both video and voice conversations. CleverControl captures calls in the most popular messenger apps, such as Discord, WhatsApp, Zoom, and others.

However, the real game-changer lies in CleverControl's speech recognition functionality. This innovative feature converts all recorded sound into text, allowing you to search for specific words and phrases within the audio data. Say goodbye to cumbersome manual searches; now you can quickly pinpoint crucial information and play the recording starting from the found phrase.

How can sound recording boost the quality of your call center services?

Let's imagine a quality control manager whose responsibilities include assessing five call center agents. The manager knows that one of the most effective ways to enhance service quality is to listen, analyze and discuss the agents' interactions with customers, pinpointing weak moments and suggesting improvements.

Call centers make calls using dedicated computer programs, many of which record conversations automatically. However, this call center uses additional communication channels, such as WhatsApp or other messengers, to reach more clients and make interactions more convenient. Recording calls and chats in those apps is challenging, as they have no built-in recording features.

Each of the five agents may make dozens of calls daily, and by the end of the day, the manager may have close to a hundred recordings on their hands. Listening and analyzing such an amount of calls every day would be too time-consuming and inefficient; by picking random calls, the manager risks missing vital mistakes or cases of unacceptable agent behavior.

Here is when CleverControl can help. CleverControl's sound recording feature can be immensely useful for monitoring call center agents, enhancing the quality assessment process, and optimizing overall performance.

Once deployed on the agents' computers, the software adeptly monitors the agents' interactions on social media platforms and messaging apps, a crucial feature given the prevalence of these channels in modern customer communication.

Most notably, CleverControl's ability to record calls within popular messengers like WhatsApp, Discord, and Zoom becomes a game-changer. This ensures that all customer interactions, regardless of the platform, are accounted for. But what takes this functionality to the next level is the software's transcription capability.

With CleverControl's transcription, the quality control manager can swiftly scan through textual representations of customer interactions. This is notably faster than sifting through entire call recordings. Moreover, the manager can search the transcribed text for specific trigger phrases or keywords, skip to the part of the recording starting from this phrase, and directly access relevant sections of the conversation.

In practice, this proves invaluable for quality assessment, particularly when social media and messengers are key communication channels. Whether it's reviewing customer inquiries, addressing grievances, or gauging the agents' handling of complex scenarios, CleverControl's sound recording and transcription feature empowers managers with an efficient and insightful means to assess call agents' performance.

In a call center environment where time is of the essence, CleverControl's sound recording and transcription functionality doesn't just facilitate assessment; it elevates the precision, efficiency, and effectiveness of the entire monitoring process, ensuring that call agents consistently deliver top-tier customer interactions.

Monitoring for Call Centers: From Dreams to Reality

What our customers say

Don't just take our word for it – hear directly from those who have implemented CleverControl's monitoring solutions in their call centers. Here are the reviews they shared with us:

"CleverControl's sound recording and transcription feature has truly changed the way we manage our call center. As a company heavily reliant on social media and messengers for customer interactions, we needed a robust solution to ensure seamless monitoring. CleverControl allowed us to record calls across various platforms like WhatsApp and Zoom and transcribe these interactions into text. This feature has not only saved us time but enhanced our quality assessment process tenfold. Our managers can now swiftly look through transcribed conversations, spot-check for specific keywords, and assess agents' performance with precision. It's made a significant impact on our efficiency and, most importantly, our customer experience. Highly recommended!"

— John Kiaran, Customer Experience Manager

CleverControl's sound recording feature has been a game-changer for our call center operations. We were in search of a comprehensive monitoring solution that aligned with our multichannel communication approach, and CleverControl surpassed our expectations. The ability to record calls on platforms like Zoom and transcribe them into text has been a game-changer for our quality assessment. Our managers can now quickly skim through transcriptions, focus on key trigger phrases, and review agent-customer interactions much more efficiently. It enhanced our monitoring process and gave our agents insightful feedback for improvement. With CleverControl, we've elevated how we manage our call center, resulting in happier agents and more satisfied customers.

— Connie Randal, Operations Director


In conclusion, the incorporation of CleverControl's sound recording features into call center operations offers a strategic avenue for enhanced productivity and operational efficiency. This employee monitoring program exceeds activity tracking, presenting a comprehensive solution to streamline quality assessment and boost agent performance. By seamlessly recording and transcribing calls, call centers can gain valuable insights that empower both agents and managers. The combination of technology and functionality is changing the way call centers work, making monitoring more efficient and improving customer experiences.


  1. How does sound recording work in CleverControl?

    Depending on the settings, the program makes sound recordings for up to 30 minutes at the beginning of the user's session or at configured intervals of time using the computer's microphone. CleverControl also identifies the beginning of the call in popular messenger apps and automatically starts recording.

  2. Can I start sound recording manually?

    No, the program starts recording automatically depending on the configured settings.

  3. What apps does call recording work in?

    CleverControl can record in the most popular messenger and conference apps, including WhatsApp, Viber, Discord, Zoom, etc. Call recording does not work in web versions of these messengers.

  4. Can CleverControl monitor chats on social media?

    Yes, the program takes screenshots of the chat. Besides, if you have enabled screen recording, you can view the chat in the recordings.

  5. How can sound recording be useful in call centers?

    Sound recording is particularly beneficial in call centers due to its comprehensive nature. It captures conversations from various platforms, ensuring that no critical interactions are overlooked. Additionally, the conversion of audio recordings into text simplifies evaluation. Managers can quickly search for specific keywords, aiding quality assessment and agent training. This approach enhances evaluations, assists with training, and provides a complete picture of customer interactions, leading to improved customer satisfaction and more efficient call center operations.

  6. Are sound recording and call recording included in CleverControl's basic plan?

    Sound recording is included in the basic plan and does not require extra payments. Call recording is an additional optional feature that requires an extra subscription and costs $14 per user per year.

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