McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection at A Glance

McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection at A Glance

There are many different internet security software designed for small business to choose from and it would be best if recognize its strengths and drawbacks before making a decision. For that reason, reading a review on your targeted security tool will come in very handy in making a correct decision. This time, let us shift our review on McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection. This small business security software allows the users to manage all its features through an online management console. As long as you have an active internet connection, you will have no problem in accessing it from any location.

This security software comes with an easy deployment and its web-based system allows you to enjoy a simple server installation. Through a silent push, you can activate the software easily and it also provides you with a full control of installation.

More About McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection

Basically, this security software comes with three different versions. In addition to the Protection Suite and the Advanced Suite, McAfee has also equipped this software with the Endpoint and Email Suite. The McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection offers complete core internet security tools and you can rely on them to protect your laptop, desktop and servers from spyware, viruses and some other common malware. You can sleep safe and sound at night because this software can also protect your machines from hackers attacks. The sad thing is that a number of inconsistent test results have been addressed to this McAfee endpoint protection tool. Not only that the tests show an average capability in identifying malware, it also comes with inconsistent scores in removing malware.

The SaaS solution from McAfee is always up to date and it should be easy for you to schedule updates on your system as well. One of the good things about using a web-based security software is that you can access it from anywhere you are. You can choose any web browser you like to access the console of the McAfee security. However, Google Chrome is a perfect and suitable choice even when you decide your device with the latest version of this McAfee security tool. You can use the management console to view some reports, current statuses and schedule scan. In addition to that, the console is also filled with numerous filterable and shareable preconfigured some reports.

As the admin, you have to power to control the way the security protects the clients. One thing you need to keep in mind is that you cannot rely on this security software for handling complex web filtering and blocking. It would be best if you install this software on newer machine because it tends to use greater system resources.


McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection comes with a web-based administration console and hands-free capability during the installation. Therefore, it would be an ideal security software for many small business owners out there. The low upfront cost of this SaaS solution implementation has made it a perfect choice for those low-budgeted business owners.

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