How to choose a Time Doctor alternative?

How to choose a Time Doctor alternative?

Employee monitoring and time-tracking tools are invaluable for employers and project managers. These tools help them to identify how their employees are spending their time. The use of employee monitoring tools is on the rise at present.

About 73% of business organizations report using employee monitoring tools to track online activity and the performance of their employees. (Source)

A quick introduction to Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a time management and productivity tool businesses of different sizes and types used for employee monitoring. The tool helps team managers to track and improve their team’s productivity. Time Doctor can do multiple things, such as:

  • Tracking the time employees spend on performing tasks.
  • Checking websites and applications employees use during their working hours.
  • Monitoring employee performance.
  • Reporting employee productivity dynamics.

While Time Doctor is an effective employee monitoring solution, some reviews suggest that people look for Time Doctor alternatives due to quite some variables. These range from annoying popups to syncing problems.

Factors to consider while choosing the best alternative to Time Doctor.

The global market size of employee monitoring tools is rising tremendously. The market size is expected to grow to 2.10 billion USD by 2030. (Source)

An efficient employee monitoring tool is a proven and effective way to keep your employees on track. Many of these tools are cloud-based meaning that a manager can access gathered productivity reports at any time from anywhere. Due to this, leaders managing remote workers rely on these tools to keep an eye on what's going on.

However, considering different factors is important when choosing the best alternative to Time Doctor. So, let’s have a look at the most important ones below:

  • User-friendly interface

    The Best Time Doctor alternative must be simple enough for your team to understand and use. It must come up with a clean, organized, and user-friendly interface. Otherwise, a complicated UI can confuse the team members and keep them wasting their valuable time identifying how it works.

  • List of features that a tool offers

    The Time Doctor alternative must have all the essential features required for efficient employee monitoring capabilities. Each company may require a different set of features depending on the monitoring goal, but here are some of the essential ones of an effective monitoring tool:

    • Project management
    • Time tracking
    • Reporting and analytics
    • Invoicing
    • Integrations
    • Timesheet analysis
    • Attendance management

    Employees can get distracted easily due to e-commerce and social media. Such distractions can kill plenty of their valuable time. So, you must also look for distraction management features in the best Time Doctor alternative you choose.

  • Enhanced privacy and security

    Employees usually feel that time-tracking tools invade their privacy. Well, everyone at present wants to protect their privacy. That’s why you must be careful when choosing an employee monitoring tool.

    It is because any security breach on your side can lead you to face a lawsuit.

    Choose employee-friendly monitoring tools that don’t invade the privacy and security of your team.

    *Important Point*

    You should also keep your employees in the know what the software tracks. This practice will certainly let you clear up all the confusion. In addition, it will also help you to minimize the risks of legal problems.

  • Split-second accuracy

    Accuracy is arguably the most important aspect when choosing a Time Doctor alternative. An employee monitoring tool must be able to track an employee's working hours with split-second accuracy. It will let you determine what an employee was up to throughout the time and how much time they have devoted to the work.

  • Tool integrations

    Be sure to choose the Time Doctor alternative that integrates with other tools you work with already. It will help you to make the best use of your employee monitoring tools. Integrating your time-tracking software with other solutions will let you streamline workflows.

  • Efficient customer support

    Customer support is vital. You can get yourself in need of quick help while using management or monitoring software. That's why choosing software with efficient customer support and a user community is always better.

  • Cost-effectiveness

    Spending your fortune using the best management and monitoring tools is unnecessary. You can easily find various pocket-friendly monitoring tools available out there. Choose the top Time Doctor alternatives, and compare their prices and feature range to make the best choice.

  • Mobile application availability

    It is always better to choose a tool that has a supported mobile application. Having a mobile application to access reports and gathered data via phone will make tracking your employees' activities easier and more efficient.

  • Reporting and analytics capabilities

    Reporting and analytics are also vital to look for the best Time Doctor alternative.

    Having a user-friendly and accurate management tool is useless if you can't analyze the productivity of your employees with that.

    The reporting and analytics feature of a management and monitoring tool shows everything necessary to analyze the work performance of your team.

    In addition, it would be great if the tool allowed you to export employee reports in Excel or CVS formats to share for different purposes.

The best alternatives to Time Doctor you should consider

Whenever it's about choosing the best Time Doctor alternative, the availability of options can overwhelm anyone. To make things easy for you, we have listed some top options you may want to consider here.

So, here we go:


CleverControl is an amazing Time Doctor alternative that helps in remote employee monitoring for perfect results. Regardless of where you and your employees are, you can optimize your teamwork worldwide using mobile or desktop monitoring dashboards. This cloud-based employee monitoring solution is best for developing a committed and efficient team. The tool supports ethical employee monitoring to bring all the teamwork benefits from managers and staff. You can get a detailed report of activities, internet usage, work time, and more for complete staff monitoring.

The tool has extensive features ranging from remote employee monitoring to screen recording, attendance control, and much more. In short, it is an all-inclusive employee monitoring solution to have.

Key features of CleverControl to know

  • The tool provides a work time tracking feature for attendance control and records the inactivity time of your employees.
  • You can access each employee's statistics remotely to track their performance. The detailed reporting feature allows you to assess their workflow with informative statistic charts at a glance.
  • CleverControl delivers all-encompassing reports about the work routine of your team. It will let you track everything from face recognition to internet usage, application activity, and more.


DeskTime is another great Time Doctor alternative that is best to use for activity tracking, project management, and time tracking. The tool also provides employee management with allocating staff to stay focused on avoiding over or understaffing. Due to this, the companies can ensure efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

The tool is more shift-oriented, which makes it more suitable for field service-oriented businesses.

Key features of DeskTime to know

  • The tool provides an automated time tracker that helps track internet usage, app, URL tracking, and more.
  • It also provides screenshot options for remote employees.


HubStaff is a powerful yet simple employee and time-tracking tool ideal for evolving remote teams. The lightweight mobile and desktop applications can let you track your employees on the go. The primary focus of this tool is on employee monitoring and time tracking. It also allows you to rely on integrations to get more robust solutions.

The tool also lets you track time spent on various activities down to seconds.

Key features of Hubstaff to know:

  • HubStaff can integrate with various familiar payroll solutions, including Gusto, Wise, and PayPal.
  • The tool also comes up with an intuitive interface and versatile dashboard. The dashboard will allow team managers to pinpoint and address roadblocks.
  • Hubstaff stands out due to its powerful tools like Geofencing, Custom invoices, productivity measurement, custom invoices, etc.
  • It also offers more than 30 integrations to use your favorite tools and increase profitability and productivity.


Harvest is another suitable Time Doctor alternative to consider. The tool has been designed for invoicing, budgeting, time tracking, third-party integrations, project planning, and task management.

The tool can help keep your employees productive even with flexible work schedules. On the other hand, team managers can identify when and where their teams are most productive. The tool also lets you communicate and collaborate with the team using alerts. You can use them to remind your teams to share updates or submit their timesheets.

Key features of Harvest to know:

  • Harvest offers the flexibility of accessing employees' details and reports through different devices. The tool has a seamless cohesion between desktop and mobile apps.
  • It also provides reporting features to increase the productivity and efficiency of teams.

Overall, a variety of Time Doctor alternatives are available out there. However, assessing your employee monitoring needs and requirements will help you make the best decision.

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