How a Company Can Save $1,5m Using CleverControl: A Case Study

How a Company Can Save $1,5m Using CleverControl: A Case Study

Towards the end of 2021, after the worldwide pandemic and a difficult period of working remotely, a large business solutions provider noticed a widespread decrease in productivity among its 800 employees. But assessing its exact scale and working out strategies to counteract it was complicated without an objective and all-encompassing monitoring solution. As the employees gradually returned to their offices, the management realized the urgent need for a robust monitoring system. They chose CleverControl - a comprehensive employee monitoring software. Implementing CleverControl turned out to be the decisive turning point for the company. The solution not only boosted employee productivity but also resulted in significant savings of around $1.5 million for the year. Here's a detailed account of their journey.

Turbocharging Productivity

At the core of the company's pursuit of improved efficiency was the drive to monitor employee productivity, identify inefficient patterns or distractions, and implement effective corrective measures. After just a few weeks of deploying CleverControl, it came to light that employees wasted an astounding 35% of their work time on unproductive activities, such as browsing social media and shopping websites or prolonged breaks.

The employees admitted they lacked discipline after working from home, where they could take breaks to relax or entertain themselves anytime. The management issued warnings via department heads, urging employees to work on their discipline and productivity. As a result, the unproductive time was slashed to a much healthier 13%. This drastic reduction in wasted time translated to the company saving about $1,411,000 in productivity costs.

Streamlining Software Licenses

CleverControl's functionality extends to registering all the programs installed on the monitored computers. It can track when each program is launched and shut down, analyze program activity, and highlight the most utilized applications. Monitoring revealed that employees did not use the professional software licenses and subscriptions the company provided to their full extent. In other cases, employees requested specific software or paid subscriptions, only to leave them idle after procurement.

The company had not controlled actual software usage or automatic billings closely enough; as a result, the management was unaware of the wastage. Prompted by CleverControl's revealing insights, the company took the necessary steps to cancel unused subscriptions and curtail underutilized licenses, which resulted in savings of approximately $20,000.

Reducing Printing Costs

In an age where going paperless is the sustainable choice, the company, like a staggering 90% of businesses, wasn't tracking its printing costs. Typically, such companies underestimate their real expenses by an average of 40%. CleverControl, with its printer monitoring capability, tracks printer tasks along with timestamps and the user who initiates the print. Combined with screenshots and screen recording logs, this data gives valuable insights into employees' printing habits.

During the monitoring process, department heads noted that employees often printed personal files unrelated to work using office equipment. Others chose to print documents for traditional paper-based review and annotation, even when digital alternatives were available. Additionally, employees were prone to printing extra copies 'just in case', which inevitably went unused.

The management started by prohibiting any misuse of office printers for personal purposes. Insights from CleverControl's data inspired the company to start working out paperless awareness initiatives and encourage employees towards a more digital-focused approach. These initiatives cut printing costs by 20%, saving the company an impressive $117,000.


The company's endeavor to enhance productivity and cut unnecessary costs through CleverControl's comprehensive monitoring system paints a compelling picture of the power of proactive employee management. Confronting the challenge of dwindling productivity post the remote work phase, the company turned to technology for a solution. And CleverControl did not disappoint.

By revealing the extent of unproductive behaviors, the software enabled the company to make data-driven decisions, spurring employees to improve their work habits and discipline. In quantifiable terms, the reduction in wasted time led to remarkable savings of about $1.41 million, a significant boost for the company's bottom line.

But the benefits didn't stop at improved productivity. By leveraging CleverControl's functionality to track software usage, the company identified other wastages: underutilized professional software licenses and subscriptions. This dormant expense, when addressed, led to saving $20,000.

The software's ability to monitor printer use brought to light another area of substantial cost-saving - reducing printing costs. By enforcing a strict printer usage policy and encouraging a shift toward digital solutions, the company made significant strides toward sustainability and managed to save an additional $117,000.

In conclusion, the company's proactive steps towards identifying inefficiencies, combined with implementing CleverControl's monitoring solution, resulted in saving $1.5 million in a single year. This case study is an insightful demonstration of how businesses can leverage modern technology to streamline operations, boost productivity, and save costs. It showcases the potential for other companies to do the same, turning challenges into opportunities for improvement and growth.

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