Frequently Asked Questions

If your license has expired, a notification appears on entering the online dashboard. Probably, AdBlock or other similar means is activated in your browser which block the notification. The notification is not an advertisement. Please, disable AdBlock to be able to get notifications and be able to enter the dashboard.
CleverControl is a cloud based software so all of the data recorded by CleverControl Agent installed on your employees’ computers is saved on a remote secured server. And to access the data you need to register an account to be able to securely review your information on a remote server.
CleverControl is compatible with Windows OS and OS X so you can install it on any laptop or desktop running any Windows version including the latest one – Microsoft Windows 10 or any OS X from 10.13 High Sierra version and above.
We believe it is more convenient for you to get signed up for an account before installing CleverControl Agent. Because to finish installation process you will need to enter your account details to establish a connection to the cloud server. So if you don’t have an account you will be prompted to create one.
Yes, it can. CleverControl Agent has a hidden mode in which it is not visible to the user in System Tray, Task Manager or installed programs. So it will not disrupt employees’ work and won’t let them avoid monitoring by disabling the program.
Yes, CleverControl Agent installed on a computer is capable of controlling and recording of all user’s actions both online and offline such as chats, social networking, and applications and keyboard activity.
Yes, CleverControl Agent monitors and saves all URLs that are accessed by a user. And not only can you see which website was accessed but also see all recorded activity on it, including keystrokes and screenshots.
Yes, website blocker is one of the functions of CleverControl Agent. You can block certain web pages or whole categories, for instance all social networks. You can do that in “Remote Settings” in your account.
To see the data from CleverControl Agent you need to log in your remote account in the dashboard: You can use any web-browser on any device to log in.
At the moment access to the computer with administrator rights is required to install the program. However the installation process will only take a couple of moments.
All settings can be changed and applied remotely in your dashboard account. Go to the “Remote Settings” tab change the settings and click “Apply on this computer” or “Apply on all computers”.
All information from your employees’ that was transferred to the cloud server will be available to you for 365 days. After that it will be automatically deleted.
All data is saved only on the secured cloud server.
Uninstallation is easily processed from your online account connected to the program. Log in your account and under the “Remote Settings” tab click “Remote Uninstall”. And during next connection Agent will be automatically uninstalled from the target computer.