Why Evaluate Something that Can be Taught?

Why Evaluate Something that Can be Taught?

Knowledge is acquired quickly and quickly becomes obsolete. Control of knowledge level is useful but it will not say anything about the human ability to adapt to new situations, solve new tasks, and learn new skills.

The absence or lack of professional knowledge is not uncommon, especially if a person is new to some industry.

Employers often screen out candidates for this very reason. But what if this person is exactly the leader and the creative genius your company needs?

How can you find that out?

The competencies of an employee are not only the skills and professional knowledge but also the motivation, abilities, and personal characteristics. If the skills and knowledge you can develop while working, then people's abilities are given at birth and are almost not susceptible to development.

It is unlikely that you'll be able to re-educate someone because their character has been forming during childhood and adolescence, and it will not change dramatically on the new job. Nevertheless, personal characteristics will majorly affect person’s behavior in different situations.

So, is checking professional knowledge useless?

No, but their presence is not always critical to work at hand. Each component of the competency model has its own form of assessment.

Abilities: checked using ability tests.

Personal characteristics: you can check with the help of the professional competency interview, during a joint activity or with the personality questionnaire.

Motivation: personality questionnaires. For example, the famous personality questionnaire OPQ32.

Knowledge and skills: assessed with knowledge tests, and training exercises.

Find the real talent, hire someone who will be effective and bring you benefits!

But even if you hire the most talented people it is still important to check their productivity during working hours. This task can be entrusted to special program – CleverControl. It can record all activity on employee’s computer and transfer all data to you, no matter where you are. You will be able to access the information remotely and see everything that happened during the day or even live!

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