What do employees do in the office instead of working?

What do employees do in the office instead of working?

Chatting in social networks, having smoke breaks and looking for a new job – CleverControl found out which personal affairs employees occupy themselves with during working hours.

After coming to work, first thing some employees do is checking the social network, then go drink some coffee with colleagues, then have a smoke, and then it is almost lunch already so, naturally, it's time to do some online shopping. CleverControl investigated on which activities office workers waste their time, instead of performing the tasks at hand.

30 minutes per day – an average American spends in social networks

60% of American office workers’ online activity is social networking

Researches show, that due to the misuse of the working time, economy might lose billions of dollars a year on average. And that is approximately a budget of 20 major cities.

50% of employees get distracted by phone calls

30% of printed documents are non-work-related

20% of managers use company’s resources for their own enterprises

40% of all employees look through job vacancies on the Internet during working hours

In addition, employees are actively engaged in plane tickets searching at work, as well as online shopping. 2 PM and 6 PM are the office equivalent of “rush-hours” for online purchases. In addition to that, many employees do not show much loyalty to their employers: 70% of staff are willing to sell information to competitors, according to CleverControl’s study.

28% of employees’ time is wasted on unimportant and non-work-related issues

20% of employees have smoke breaks

30% of printed documents are non-work-related

According to CareerBuilder data, 42% of people get distracted by office gossip discussions. In addition, employees will be distracted by noisy colleagues, pointless meetings and the need to respond to emails. Weekdone’s service data shows that every fourth employee complains that his or her time is wasted on meetings and discussions, while the work is not being done. 40% of office workers believe that they would be able to improve their performance if their colleagues would just be less chatty.

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