Employee Screen Monitoring Software

Employee Screen Monitoring Software

What is screen monitoring?

Screen monitoring is one of the most conclusive and effective ways to track employees' activity and ensure that employees are their most productive selves during the day. This tracking method requires special software installed on the computers that one plans to oversee. Screen monitoring can be carried out in several ways: with screenshots, live streaming of the screen or screen recording.

How can screen monitoring be helpful?

The benefits of screen monitoring are hard to overestimate.

  • Screen monitoring captures the most all-encompassing reports of the employee's activity, including actions that may not be captured by other tools, for example, file operations or mouse clicks.

  • The employer can see what the employee does at any moment of the day.

  • Live screen monitoring helps to detect unproductivity, suspicious behaviour and violations in real-time.

  • Using screen recording, you can rewatch any period of the workday as many times as you need.

  • Screenshots and screen recordings serve as solid evidence in cases of internal investigations.

  • Screen monitoring allows quick recap the workday.

  • Visual reports, such as screenshots and screen recordings, may be more evident and time-saving because our brain processes visual information easier and faster than text.

Screen monitoring software

The screenshot option is in the feature sets of most employee monitoring programs. However, CleverControl can do more than take snaps of the screen. Its monitoring capabilities also include live viewing and screen recording.

Live viewing is real-time streaming of the computer's screen. You can configure the quality of the stream and view it in full-screen mode. Live viewing also provides real-time log updates: URLs of the pages the user is viewing and texts they are typing or copying to the clipboard. If the employee uses two or more monitors, Live viewing allows you to see them all - you should switch the stream to the screen you wish to see.

You can watch a live stream of the individual employee or switch to the Live panel, where you can see up to six employees' screens on one page. This feature makes routine checkups on productivity in teams and offices much more convenient and time-saving.

The employer or the manager may not always have time to watch live screen monitoring during the workday. Screen recording is designed exactly for such cases. The software records employees' screens during the workday, and these recordings are available to watch remotely via the online dashboard. If you wish to know what the user does on the website or if they get access to a particular file and how they use it, you can get the answers from the screen recording. Time filters make searching for the desired recordings quick and easy.

In addition to Live Viewing and Screen Recording, CleverControl can take screenshots. Screenshots are triggered by one of the three user's actions: change of active window, entering a website or copying something to the clipboard. Thanks to these configurations, the software can capture the employee's every significant activity. There is an extra setting allowing to take additional screenshots of chats on social media and messengers every time the user hits "Send" or by timer. This way, you can get a complete user's chat history and ensure they do not share confidential information outside the company.

As a result, CleverControl's screen monitoring capabilities cover all employees' activity on the computer and allow monitoring in real time and retrospect.

Is it legal to monitor employees' screens?

Like any other monitoring method, screen monitoring is regulated by state and regional laws that may differ from country to country. For example, the American ECPA (Electronic Communications Privacy Act) authorizes employers to monitor company-owned devices, such as phones, computers and laptops. However, California, Florida, Louisiana and South Carolina constitutions state that their residents have a right to privacy. So setting up an employee monitoring system there may be tricky and require special attention to detail.

If we generalize American, European and Asian laws in employee monitoring, the rule of thumb will be to inform your employees about tracking and get their consent to it. However, before implementing any monitoring system, you should consult your lawyer and consider the intricacies of your local laws.


Screen monitoring is one of the most all-encompassing monitoring methods, thanks to capturing all user's actions. However, screenshots only may not be enough to cover the user's activity. When choosing the software for the company, it is worth learning what screen tracking options it offers. Choose systems like CleverControl that allow live monitoring of the screen and screen recording to have the best control over your staff's productivity.

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