Employee Monitoring Software for Your Effective Monitoring System

Employee Monitoring Software for Your Effective Monitoring System

Monitoring employee activity is one of the most important part in a business management.Indeed, by doing employee monitoring, the company is able to track employees’ working performance.Besides, this can be a good way to protect trade secretsthat can inflict a financial loss for the company. By monitoring employees, the company can also avoid legal liability and other security problems. Somehow, monitoring and supervising employee can be a time-consuming and complicated process. That is why, some devices like CCTV and telephone recorder are used to monitor the activity of employees at the workplace. Nevertheless, CCTV can only supervise the real activity of the employees, not what they do in their PC. Although there are many monitoring devices on the market, usually those devices are too difficult to use and there is no report given. In fact, the company has no time to keep an eye on every employee.

The only important thing for them is the analytical report of their employees’ activity. Essentially, the company has to use an effective tool that can help them manage their need. In this case, firewall and employee monitoring software have to be usedto supervise what employees do with their computers and internet connection.This is important since Internet connection can open a bigger chance for the employees to use the connection for improper things that can reduce company’s productivity. A brilliant entrepreneur of 21st century has once said, ‘Any Management Information System (MIS) which is more than one page is useless’. Therefore, these days there are so many employee monitoring software available on the market. But, you have to choose the best software for your optimal business management. New Enjay Ensight v2.0 is definitely a great choice if you are looking for an effective and efficient way of employee monitoring system. Enjay Ensight is a LAN-based employee monitoring software that also provides analytical reports about the application used by the employees and also the screen activities. These followings are several great features of New Enjay Ensight that will be beneficial for you needs.

The duration

By using Enjay Ensight, you will know how long your employee has been using his or her PC. This is including the time of activating PC, idle time, and also the time of switching off the PC. This report gives a real condition of how much time the employee has spent on his or her PC. For instance: the report will show that the employee has turned on the PC for 6.15 hours and active for 5.30 hours.

The application

Using this software, you will know what applications are used by the employee during the work time. This will give a clear report about what he is using. For example, the report will tell you that the employee has turned on the PC for 5.30 hours and he has been using ‘Tally’ for 1.30 hours and ‘Chrome’ for 4 hours. Besides, if you click on ‘Chrome’ you will see several details about the website that the employee browsed.

Some additional features

Besides all of those features, Enjay Ensight also provides you some features like: viewing all the clients simultaneously, broadcasting and recording, locked user screen and so on. All of these report is viewed in one page. Moreover, this can also be accessed and used for analysis purpose. Enjay Ensight provides you everything that you need, that is why you should really use Enjay Ensight for your optimal employee monitoring system.

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