Increasing Productivity and Discipline in the Office

Increasing Productivity and Discipline in the Office

The owner of the online pet products store contacted CleverControl in 2021. She wanted to start monitoring her staff after she had caught one of the employees watching Netflix in her workplace. However, the owner did not have an IT specialist on her team, so one of her main requirements was simplicity and user-friendliness. The program must be easy to set up and operate, so she could do it without hiring an IT specialist. CleverControl's solution had all the required functionality.

CleverControl was installed on all computers in the office within the next few days. Now the owner could see everything each employee did during their working hours. The employee who had been caught watching Netflix tried to cheat CleverControl. Her computer had two displays. She opened the work-related documents on the main screen and the show on the second, hoping the boss would not notice. In such cases, the program monitors both screens, and the owner could switch between them in Live Viewing. So the employee's attempt to watch movies in the workplace did not go unnoticed.

Another employee was caught downloading music and films using the office Internet. He did it frequently, creating extra load on the bandwidth, which is why his colleagues often complained of the slow Internet connection. Let alone the fact that his behaviour was obviously inappropriate in terms of the office code of conduct.

The store owner also detected multiple latecomers, early-leavers and significant idle periods. Social networks were also on the log more often than not. Using CleverControl's site blocker functionality, the owner limited access to social networks and entertainment websites on the office computers. It paid off - the speed of processing orders increased. The store customers began mentioning fast shipments more often than before, and fewer complained about neglectful managers. Implementing CleverControl allowed an increase in customer satisfaction.

The store owner was pleased with how easy it was to set up the program and how powerful the monitoring was. She could receive not only statistical reports about the workday of each employee or the whole office but also see what they were doing in real time. The owner continues using CleverControl, although there are almost no misconduct cases among employees now.

Essential Features:

  • Live Viewing
    Thanks to this feature, the owner could detect several misconduct cases : downloading large entertainment files through the office network, watching shows and idleness.
  • Activity statistics
    CleverControl provides detailed reports of active and idle time, which help understand how productive the employee is. Records of the start and the end of the workday allows detecting latecomers and early-leavers.
  • Social networks monitoring
    Tracking the usage of social networks in the workplace can tell a lot about the employee's engagemnt and productivity.