Inappropriate behaviour

Inappropriate behaviour

Unfortunately, conflicts between employees are not rare. They influence not only the atmosphere in the team but also harm employees' involvement and the company's profits. Of course, the management can regulate relations between workers to some extent, but, in many cases, the executives may not know about the conflict until it is too late.

This case was kindly shared with us by a design agency from San Diego. The agency has been using CleverControl to monitor the work of its designers since 2020. The director says that thanks to the users' statistics, he can quickly spot negative tendencies and investigate them with logs. His favourite feature is Live Panel which allows seeing employees' screens on one page and checking the work process. Also, he finds tracking installed apps useful as it lets him ensure employees do not use illegal or pirated software on office computers.

The agency had hired a new art director Sophia recently. Sophia proved to be a responsible and talented worker, and when she failed an important task, the manager was surprised. Sophia was supposed to present her vision of the new project to the team and the client, but her presentation was not ready in time. In distress, she told the manager it had been complete when she left the office the day before the presentation. In the morning, however, the file was missing.

The manager suspected something was wrong with this story. He checked activity reports from Sophia's computer to ensure her work had been done and she was not trying to cheat. Logs showed that Sophia indeed worked on the project for a few days: website history proved she was researching the references and the topic, and the manager saw slides of the presentation in the screenshots.

Sophia often communicated with clients in Zoom, so her computer had a webcam. CleverControl was configured to take a webcam snapshot when the computer turned on. When the manager checked these snapshots, he discovered Emily, one of the designers, had accessed Sophia's computer the evening before the meeting with the client when no one was in the office. Screen recordings showed that she deleted the presentation and all Sophia's progress on the task.

Further investigation showed that Emily, as one of the leading designers on staff, was eager to get the post of an art director. She was disappointed when she did not get it and decided to set up the new employee. If Sophia had been fired, Emily would have had another chance to apply for the post.

Now, CleverControl shows that the team's productivity level is about 95% on average, and the active time is at least 7,5 hours. "I like that I can configure intervals, which the software will not consider idle time. This way, I can let employees take reasonable breaks without worrying about their activity statistics," - Michael adds.

Michael is going to continue monitoring his staff even when they return to the office.

Essential Features:

  • Webcam snapshots
    Thanks to this feature, the manager revealed that another employee got unauthorized access to the computer.
  • Screen Recording
    Screen recordings revealed the fact of the employee's inappropriate behaviour.
  • Live Panel
    The manager can conveniently monitor the employees' work process in real-time.