Bitdefender Small Business Review

Bitdefender Small Business Review

Every industry requires protection from cyber thieves. It is imperative to install business security software to safeguard your vital information. Bitdefender Small Business Security is one such software. It is a dependable one, has a user-friendly interface and very easy to manage. Hence, this is perfect software for small and micro businesses. With this security package, you can manage up to twenty individual appliances. Pricewise, it is affordable and does not compromise on security aspect. Most of the security software services provide basic internet security.

Bitdefender goes one-step further. The security package includes anti-theft tools for laptops and Android phones as well as data filters and protection against online banking frauds. It uses a very simple and user-friendly interface making it easy to use. It gives front-end as well as back-end protection and thus is a balanced product. We shall analyze the security aspects one by one.

Core security

The highlights of the security software are as follows.

  • It offers the basic security aspects such as combating malware, filtering emails, configuring a two-way firewall, performing device scans, and ensuring chat protection.

  • It has a unique software package known as Bitdefender Safepay. This ensures opening of online banking pages in secure browsers. The software has capacity to take care of spyware such as keyloggers and other malware.

  • USBs are the main source of viruses. This software has an USB immunizer to clean the USB drives. It has a rescue mode for removal of malware and restoration of a corrupted system.

  • The system is only one of its kinds to include a social media security tool. Usually security software tends to block social media sites. However, today, social media is a popular medium of conducting business. Bitdefender has special tools to support social media interactions.

  • It is the best anti-malware software system when compared to others.

Management Tools

Management of Bitdefender software is very easy.

  • The management console can manage a maximum of twenty devices such as laptops, PCs, file servers, and Android phones.

  • Managing web usage is very easy.

  • It is easy for administrators to monitor network activity, obtain security statuses, view licensing information, and scan various schedules.

  • You can access this software from any internet-connected device.

  • You can install parental controls to monitor internet activity of children.

  • It enables administrators to restrict sharing of specific words and numbers such as account numbers and SSNs.

Resources usage

It uses a marginally above average usage of computer resources. However, this is essential for safety.

  • It has tools to minimize third party interference.

  • The unique package Scan Dispatcher can run recurring scans whenever the resource usage drops below a threshold level. It does not interfere with other active applications.

  • The Bitdefender Autopilot facility can make optimal security decisions without any interruption such as pop-ups or alerts.

Easy to install

  • This is a very easy to install software requiring minimum amount of time.

  • The installer tool checks for compatible components as well as conflicting software.

  • It does not include a separate tool to remove other security software automatically. You have to remove them manually.

  • It is compatible with most of the OS as well as the major internet browsers such as Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

  • It takes case of the Outlook, Thunderbird and Windows mail email protocols

Additional features

This software has several other additional features necessary for small and micro business entities to protect their hardware and data.

  • The software has the capacity to locate lost laptops. It can erase their drives from remote locations thereby protecting sensitive data.

  • It includes a Safebox for encryption and securing files.

  • It has capacity to shred files. Once shredded, no one can obtain them back, not even by using forensic software.

  • It offers identity protection too.


Securing your small business software and hardware is very easy now with this Bitdefender software. Being easy and attractive to use, this software is a simple one. Anybody with a basic knowledge of computer security can install this software. In comparison with other similar software in the market, Bitdefender is the best in the business. In case you require protection for more than twenty devices, Bitdefender has an enterprise solution.

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