9 Tips to Keeping Calm at Work

9 Tips to Keeping Calm at Work

It’s all hands on deck time at work, the situation spins out of control, a signing of the contract goes wrong and your boss bawls you out? When things go hard, many of us yield to the overwhelming feeling of anxiety. It doesn’t let us think logically and make the right decisions. How to keep calm and not say or do something you’ll regret later? Staying calm in a critical situation doesn’t mean “tolerating” it. Simple tolerance won’t help you to resolve a conflict or find a way out of complications. Quite the reverse, someday the accumulated stress will result in a terrible emotional outburst with unpredictable consequences. That is why you have to learn to understand the reasons of what’s going on and keep your emotions under control.

Define the factors that disturb your inner balance

To minimize the possibility of stress situations, try to find out what exactly makes you lose control over your emotions. Maybe, it is the noise in the office, or high workload, or that annoying colleague’s endless talking? Note that if you know what disturbs you, it will be easier for you to avoid it.

Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill

No matter how difficult the situation is, try not to dramatize it. Don’t exaggerate the negative side! Don’t even let such a thought “it’s always happening to me” slip into your mind. On the contrary, take a deep breath and say: “It’s alright. I can deal with it.” It will help you relieve the panic attack and take a look at the case from a new angle.

Think positive

Of course, it is difficult to switch to positive in a stress situation. Make yourself remember at least one good thing that has happened to you today. On making certain efforts, you’ll make sure that there is something nice even on the darkest day.

Don’t imagine what could happen if

The more you think of possible outcomes, the less time you have for real actions. Truly successful people don’t trouble themselves with doubts: “What if…?” They understand that the answer won’t help them solve the problem.

Don’t rush for help

When you are desperate, stop and think twice before sharing your problem on social media. Consider and analyze the situation by yourself first. Even if you don’t find a way out quickly, a small pause will let you collect your thoughts and calm down a little. To show their concern, your friends will start sympathising with you. Very often such “help” only makes the things worse for you.

What reassures you and helps to relieve stress faster? Classic music, soft candle lights, a hot bath filled with fragrant foam, lavender oil or a favourite film? Use everything that helps you regain your emotional balance. When you come back home in the evening, find a couple of minutes to calm down your mind and switch to home duties. Turn off the light and spend a few minutes in the quiet. Surprisingly enough, such simple actions are very effective. They help to calm down the stress and switch to other things faster.

Catch a break

Instead of going through the problem over and over in your head, do something interesting or funny. Watch a comedy or read a book that will make you laugh. When you feel positive, you get a burst of energy which will help you resist stress.

Go offline

If you are ready to answer a work call 24/7 and check your work email every half an hour, you bring stress on yourself with your own hands. Stop thinking about work all the time and go offline. If you worry that you can miss an important call, start simple. For example, turn off your phone when leaving the office or let yourself be “out of service” on weekend mornings. Keep the work-life balance!

Have enough sleep

A good night sleep will “reboot” your brain, protecting you from worries of the day before. That is why you start a new day fresh and enthusiastic. On the contrary, lack of sleep increases the level of cortisone. Add work stress here and the emotional burnout is guaranteed. Want to be productive? Have enough sleep!

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