7 Questions to Help You Make the Right Choice

7 Questions to Help You Make the Right Choice

How to make the right choice in work, business, and life and never have to regret it?

Here is the amazing and very simple technique of 7 questions that will allow you to assess the situation from different points of view, get rid of doubts, and better develop the ability to make the right choice.

You might not always like the answers, but in the end, they will help you make the right decision.

What would I choose, if it was not for the fear?

Unfortunately, too many decisions in our lives are taken for us by our own fears and stereotypes. Of course, successful businessmen prudently approach all the risks that they take, but the same way they treat their fears. If you feel any obstacles write out (literally with a pen on paper) all your fears and doubts and carefully work through them with someone who will help you to be objective. Sometimes the choice that causes the most fears is the best.

What would I choose, if it was not for the money?

Do you think that many brilliant ideas have not been implemented because of a lack of money? Or is it actually the money is missing because the ideas were not implemented? Will you refuse yourself development and moving forward if it seems like you do not have enough money for it? No matter how fantastic it may sound, but if you make the right choice the money can always be found. Remember crowdfunding? You can also ask your relatives, friends, acquaintances, or simply let everybody know that you are looking for an investor. So do not let the money, or rather their absence, stop you.

What are the worst and the best that can happen?

As a continuation of the previous two questions, draw a mental map on a piece of paper of all possible consequences and all possible solutions. List the positive, negative, tangible, and insignificant results that your choice will entail. In most cases, the best way out will become self-evident.

What did the previous experience teach me?

Any life experience - positive or otherwise - gives us valuable lessons. Defeats in our life happen only when we have not learned any lesson for ourselves. Ups are just as valuable a lesson as downs. Remember your previous ups and downs and think: doesn’t your previous experience hint what to do in this situation?

Does this coincide with my vision?

Ask yourself: do you really need this or do you agree out of necessity, even though you are turning in the different direction from the one that you were striving for? After all, one of the main factors of success is consistency, so always keep in mind whether or not the decision coincides with your vision, check ii it knocks you out of your course?

What do my soul and body tell me?

Remember your last regretful decision - did your inner voice or body not give you signals that you shouldn’t do this? If you feel physical discomfort when making a decision or your inner voice quietly discourages you, do not miss these signals. They may not coincide with what you are inclined to at the moment, but the subconscious is usually much more aware of how this choice will affect you in the future.

How will I look at myself in the mirror tomorrow?

And finally - about the future. What will you feel the next day after you make a decision? If you will experience pride, uplift, and inspiration, you are on the right track. If you notice shame or regret - do not ignore these feelings. If you are experiencing them now then prepare for the worst.

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