5 Ways to Improve Relations With Employees

5 Ways to Improve Relations With Employees

Good relations with employees are an important condition of every company’s success because only in this case productivity, motivation, involvement and morale are on a high level. It’s well-known that happy employees work harder, have better results and in the end please customers, helping the business to prosper. There are several ways that a manager can use to improve his or her relations with employees. Here are some of them.

Stop micromanagement

The absence of trust and freedom of actions decreases the employees’ involvement, they become insecure about themselves. Subsequently, the quality of work goes down which leads to increasing micromanagement which creates a kind of vicious circle. To give up the habit of over-controlling, delegate at least a part of your duties to several experienced employees for a start. Reconsider ways of collecting feedback, focus on the company’s strategy and entrust less important things to your deputies.

If the Manager interferes with every process, the staff do not understand what they can and cannot do; this limits creativity and leads to frustration.

Don’t play favourites

When the employer shows favouritism he or she risks losing the rest of the team. The employees will stop trusting their manager, their motivation will decrease. Relations within the staff can be completely ruined. You will only lose in this situation.

Express yourself as clearly as possible

Is the process of communication established in your staff? All employees must understand their duties, current tasks and the goal of the company. Only in this case you can work efficiently together and be “on the same page”. Any kind of mess leads to stress which decreases the staff involvement.

Ask for the opinion of the team

For the employees to feel that they are a part of the team, ask them to present their ideas. It can be done through an anonymous survey or presentation at a meeting. Instead of simply listening to your employees, provide comments, direct them to the right track, try to introduce something. Even if you cannot realize all the suggestions, this will let the staff understand that initiatives are always welcome.

Share your view of the company

One of the motivators that lead us throughout our lives is a goal. The employees must understand that what they do is important. They need to feel that they are a part of something bigger. To maintain your employees’ passion, share your long-term view of the company and don’t hesitate to report about the plans as often as possible.

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