5 Steps to the Promotion That You Won’t Have to Ask For

5 Steps to the Promotion That You Won’t Have to Ask For

Let’s admit, no one likes to ask for the promotion. Own interests are always harder to protect than the ones of the other people. Today we will tell you how to get the promotion avoiding the unpleasant talk with your boss.

The best way to show your boss that you are ready for the promotion is to perform your duties perfectly and constantly exceed expectations. Are you ready to work hard enough? Then we offer you five steps to promotion.

Do more than your usual duties

Exceeding expectations in your own field is one thing. To show your efficiency in performing tasks that go beyond your official duties is quite another. Always try to perform the tasks that no one else has enough time to perform. If your boss keeps track of the workflow, your activity will surely be noticed and the promotion can be a surprise even for you.

Increase your expertise, not your status

The management will more likely be impressed with your wish to grow and develop than your ambitions. Look for opportunities to master new skills and gain knowledge that will help you in your work. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you must forget about your status, however, it should be only the result of your efforts, not their goal.

Besides, you need to learn how to present the gained knowledge right. If you know a way to perform a certain task, do not boast of your effectiveness. Show that you know more convenient ways and technologies and contribute them to the success of the common cause.

Constantly work on yourself

Don’t forget that the most important project in your career is you yourself.

There is an interesting point about working on yourself: most people try to do the things that they know how to do, not the things that require learning and mastering the unknown areas of expertise. Have the courage to take up the projects that require not only serious work but also self-development and self-improvement.

Don’t know where to begin? Ask your boss what you could do better and keep working in that direction. It is likely that he or she will point out the things that hinder your soonest promotion.

Take up big projects

It is essential that the biggest projects are also the most difficult ones. The higher you stand in the hierarchy of the company, the more difficult your work becomes.

Working on big projects will help you not only to develop and fully employ your professional skills, but also teach you to control the workflow on several levels at a time, create and apply complex strategies.

The point is to take up the work that you can handle. If you usually work on projects that continue for a month or two, a six months project will be a better decision than a 12 month one.

Learn to work in a team

The more important your work is, the less direct instructions you will receive. You will have to act on your own, relying not on your status, but on your ability to cooperate with your subordinates - to listen, to look for compromises and to organize the dialogue inside the team.

Your way out is to develop the skills of teamwork. Contrary to the popular belief, you don’t necessarily have to be the initiator of all team activities, it is more important to show that you are able to support and organize the actions of your team, allowing all its members to act most effectively.

Helping you in realizing your ambitions is not a part of your boss’s duties, however, if he or she knows that you work as hard as it was described above, contributing to your development will be in the interests of the company which in most cases includes promotion.