4 Ways To Monitor Your Employees Legally And Effectively

Monitoring your employees certainly has several benefits if done right. It can help you ensure people are not slacking off, make them more productive and identify areas where employees are wasting company time or resources on private matters. In this article, we will examine 4 ways to monitor your employees legally and effectively in details.

Monitor Your Employees’ Computer Activity With CleverControl

The easiest method to control your employees’ online activity is to use special software. CleverControl is the leading spy software and the easiest solution for improving your business processes. It will help you investigate employees' unlawful actions, prevent information leakage, increase productivity, and detect slackers. CleverControl enables you to monitor all your staff members remotely through any Internet-connected device. All it takes is to log into your account in a web browser and you can see all employees’ activity from anywhere anytime.

This exceptional spy software has a plenty of additional features, including Real-time Live Monitoring, Website Activity, Application Activity, Keystroke Logging, Screen Capture, Snapshots and Mic Sound recordings.

To start monitoring your employees with CleverControl, you should sign up here https://clevercontrol.com/ , download CleverControl Agent from your account, install it on the monitored computers and start getting data and View data via web account. Note that before using the program you must properly inform all users of the device on which you install such software that they are subjected to monitoring.

Monitor Your Employees’ Phone Conversation

It's helpful to track and record your team’s interactions and conversations with clients, customers, or partners for various reasons. Imagine that you check the latest customer support statistics, and you see that one employee is getting much higher scores than everyone else. In case you record the employees' interaction with the clients, you can listen to this person's phone calls from the past month and figure out what they’re doing right so you can ask your staff to do the same. And if some team member gets really bad reviews, you can find out what he is doing wrong and solve the problem.

There are a lot of services and apps which will enable you to record your employees’ phone conversation. It’s not forbidden to listen to your employees’ conversations on employer-owned phones. However, if you don’t want to break the law, you should do it only in order to control the quality of their job. For example, you can make sure if your clients get helpful technical support, or if your colleagues treat your customers respectfully.

Despite the fact that federal protections for phone calls don’t exist, there are some state laws in various states. For instance, in California the head of the company is obliged to notify the employees that their phone calls are being recorded by playing a beep. It’s obvious that it doesn’t apply to not business-related phone conversations. If you’re listening to a phone call and realize it’s personal, you must hang up.

Monitor Your Employees’ Location

Tracking the location of the company staff (whether by car, mobile phone, or both) has become very popular lately. But the following question is still open: how to monitor your employees' location without breaking the law? It’s permitted to monitor employees’ location, whether you are using a mobile app, with geofencing, or a GPS device in the car. Anyway, you should follow some recommendations to stay on the safe side.

First of all, provide your employees with the equipment which will enable you to monitor their location. There’s always a lower expectation of privacy when an employee is using company property, rather than personal. So, if you’re going to monitor an employer's location with the help of smartphone, you should pay for it.

Secondly, notify the employees that you are going to track them. As soon as you get permission from the people you are going to monitor, don't worry about legal issues: their approval supersedes the other concerns.

And last but not least, never track non-business activity. Your employees expect privacy when they’re out of office or have days-off. It means that you mustn't monitor their location when they’re not working.

Control Your Employees’ Activity Without Any Software or App

There’s no doubt that this method is legal, but it may take you much time to monitor and analyze your employees’ productivity yourself. However, if you want to take everything under control, this way is definitely for you.

If you don’t have an experience of personal controlling your employees’ activity, you can start with daily check-ins. This method shows your employees that you care about productivity and want to know everything when it comes to performance. First of all, you should ask your colleagues every day, “What have you achieved today? Are we getting closer to the achievement of our goal? How can I help or support you?” With the help of this method you will not only track your employee’s productivity, but also increase morale by showing your support to the colleagues.

Besides, you should focus not on the amount of hours worked but on your team’s results. It’s a well-known fact that colleagues tend to ‘kill time’ if they feel like they have no other goal than to put in X amount of hours daily. Productivity will increase when the team is goal-oriented and highly-motivated versus time put-in oriented. This is because they'll get an incentive to complete tasks. There’s no doubt that everybody wants to go home early after a job is done. So you can allow them to leave the office when the day’s work is done rather than when the clock reaches 5:00 pm.

Conclusion: Employee Monitoring Means Better Productivity

As you see, you can track your employees in many different ways, and there is a lot of employee monitoring software and mobile apps to meet these needs. The current laws provide for the right of the employers to monitor their employees. So, it's up to you which method to use: spy software, GPS monitoring app, call recorder or tracking your staff without any device. We recommend you taking a ‘test drive’ of CleverControl. You may download a free trial version and test it on unlimited number of target PCs for as long as 14 days.