21 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Every Week

21 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Every Week

Analyze the past week

  1. What new things did I learn and which of them did I employ in practice?

    The secret of success is simple - make one step up every day. And in a year you will reach your goal or be 365 steps closer to it.

    New information helps to progress faster, easier and more effectively.

  2. What was my biggest achievement for the week?

    When you look back and record your achievements, you increase your self-esteem and confidence. The finished work makes you stronger. And the emphasis on it strengthens the effect.

    If there were no achievements, it means it’s time to ask yourself why.

    You can either develop or deteriorate.

  3. Where did I slow down - wasted my time or procrastinated?

    Everyone does it, even millionaires. But only those achieve success who notice it in time and start acting.

  4. Is there someone I want to thank?

    Most probably someone was helping you during the week - with a kind word, a piece of advice or just support. Express your gratitude - perhaps, this will be the first step to the great and fruitful cooperation.

  5. What was my deepest impression during the week?

    Our life consists of things that we remember. If there are no deep impressions, the week has passed in vain. It is as if you haven’t lived at all. The routine will soon erase from your memory.

  6. What did I do to keep myself fit and healthy?

    When your body is filled with energy, everything comes much easier.

  7. What goal do I want to achieve next week and what must I do for that?

    This allows you to see the big picture and to determine the priorities for the next moves. When you have a goal, your actions acquire the highest level of awareness.

  8. How much time did I spend with my close ones?

    We all don’t live just for ourselves, we also live for close people. However, we often forget about that. There is nothing simpler than talking to them at least for an hour a day.

Think of your present

  1. What prevents me from moving forward and how to get rid of these hurdles?

    A bad company, destructive habits, negative experience, lack of knowledge, chronic diseases - who or what is pulling you down, not letting you act as efficient as possible?

  2. My fears - and what can I do to reduce them?

    Everyone fears something. When you know what you are afraid of, it is much easier to overcome your fears.

  3. Is there someone I can help?

    Helping other people is the best way to make a new acquaintance and establish a contact. Who knows - this person may be able to help you in the future.

  4. What opportunities do I have at my disposal?

    New knowledge, new people, new events - there are opportunities everywhere. And they come to supply your goals. Define your goals and you will start seeing the opportunities to reach them.

  5. What of the things I do pull me back?

    If you are at a dead end and don’t know what to do, a list of “what shouldn’t be done” can be a good way out.

  6. What of the things I do are completely useless in my life?

    Probably you should stop doing it and spend this time for rest.

Plan your future

  1. What things that I postpone can be done next week?

    All in good time. Some things can be postponed, but others can lead to great losses if they are not done in time. There are such things every week.

  2. What are my 3 main goals for the next 3 years?

    The weekly analysis of your long-term goals helps you to check your progress. Or understand that you don’t progress or move in the wrong direction.

  3. What steps will take me closer to my goal and what can I do right now?

    The purpose of this question is simple - to point out 2 or 3 steps that you can make right now. And then, basing on your new experience and knowledge, you will see the next steps to your goal.

  4. What one thing done will advance me as much as possible?

    You can imitate frantic activity, arranging papers and making insignificant calls. Or you can do just one thing and advance forward for several steps at a time. Define this thing and do it.

  5. Who can help me - whom do I want to meet?

    The best way to get out of the stalemate is to find a mentor - a person who has already passed through it. Find such a person and ask for his or her advice.

  6. Developing of what skill will advance me as much as possible?

    There is always knowledge, applying of which can help you to do something faster, more effectively, cheaper… Comparing yourself with a more successful person in your field (what does he or she have that I don’t?) can help you to answer this question.

  7. If the next week was the last in my life, what thing would I do tomorrow?

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