12 Best Employee Monitoring Tools

12 Best Employee Monitoring Tools

Employee monitoring has become vital these days for numerous reasons. For one, it allows you to keep constant tabs on the online operations of your employees and pinpoint illicit activities that could hamper your company's productivity. You don't know what your employees might be doing on the internet when they are expected to be working. Not only will their maloperations lead to unproductivity, but they could also comprise a firm's confidential information, owing to the cybercriminal elements ever-present on the internet. These factors make employee tracking software imperative. Furthermore, with more and more companies turning to the Work From Home (WFH) life in the current environment, it becomes more important to implement employee tracking.

Here are 12 of the best employee tracking software that will keep you on top of your employees' online activity and inform you if someone has been stepping a toe out of the line.

CleverControl has been widely lauded for its efficient modus operandi of tracking the online activities of remote employees. One of the reasons it has been listed on the top is that you don't have to be an IT specialist for installing the software, making it a favorable option for all kinds of employers. Whether you want to spy on employees' web-surfing activities, those related to internet search, application operation, or even social networking and social messaging, nothing will ever escape your notice.

The best part is, it takes just 3 minutes to get it up and running! CleverControl essentially works on a cloud-based solution with a secure web account, eliminating the need to have a dedicated server. Additionally, employers could monitor up to 300 computers simultaneously, all the while recording webcam and mic activities, apart from also recording the screen.

Pros: Cons:
Comprehensive online activities reports It might take some time to get the hang of things.
Easy to install and operate
Real-time monitoring via web account
Recording of social media activities
12 Best Employee Monitoring Tools


Spyrix employee monitoring software has been hailed by many for its vast array of features that take care of virtually all monitoring needs. The foremost feature that earned the platform countless fans is its real-time monitoring, which keeps a watchful eye on the activities of employee's computers. It is simple to install, and once installed, you could begin keeping the logs almost immediately. Be it tracking the screenshot history of an employee, their application activities, their interaction with social networking sites, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, during work hours, everything could be placed under the microscope to ensure minimum laxity and maximum productivity.

Additionally, it also provides vital features like live screen viewing and screen recording. You'd be the first one to know if your employees have been working on the new project or have been amusing themselves on the internet. The best part is, although the software is a paid one, you could give it a test drive by trying out their free trial, which would make all their features available to you for a limited period.

Pros: Cons:
Cloud-based operations A rather brief trial period
Easy data recording and storage
Tracking visited websites, keystrokes, and more
Monitoring social media activities
Real-time viewing
12 Best Employee Monitoring Tools


Hubstaff is quite comprehensive when it comes to monitoring. It is especially excellent to keep track, improve employee productivity, establish regular productivity goals, and keep track of the progress made in the achievement of those objectives. Ideal for both employers and employees, it also offers features such as smart GPS tracking, which allows you to manage your team more efficiently, especially the ones working remotely.

Moreover, there are also timesheets and automated payroll functions that might interest some employers. Hubstaff barely takes a minute to set things up and get the ball rolling. The software is also excellent at pinpointing workers who are either lax about work or are having trouble meeting the desired outcomes and enable in helping such employees out.

Pros: Cons:
Accurate time tracking A little expensive
Improve employee productivity
Ingenious GPS tracking system
Quick set-up
12 Best Employee Monitoring Tools


SentryPC is a wholesome software that caters to virtually all needs of an employer when it comes to tracking. This cloud-based computer monitoring tool is excellent for content filtering. By this, access to certain websites, games, apps, and keywords could be blocked or restricted, either completely or for a specific time of the day. This will ensure that employees are rid of any distractions while they are at work, and the productivity levels could be volleyed.

Moreover, user activities, such as interactions with websites and applications, could be monitored, thanks to the screenshot feature that the software offers. The USB drive detection feature of SentryPC has also been drawing in various customers. It is perfect for people who don't want to splash much money on employee software yet, want to reap the prime benefits of the technology.

Pros: Cons:
Content filtering Paves way for privacy issues
Close track of online interactions
USB drive detection
Inexpensive Services
12 Best Employee Monitoring Tools


InterGuard is excellent at keeping track of activities on employees' computers, laptops, tablets, and phones. Those long and tedious hours can certainly lead to some employee distraction, but the efficient monitoring of this software can prevent that from happening by sending in comprehensive reports of online activities back to the employer. Moreover, the sensitive data of the firm could be protected from getting into the wrong hands, whether intentionally or otherwise.

The management of the system is also commendable as it allows you to arrange employees in different groups for seamless tracking. The dashboard also gives input on who has been most productive and who has been least. Moreover, based on your company's need, certain unique alerts could be devised, which could be used to assign varying levels of threat and risk. This will ensure high-level risks are dealt with first, and so on. The customer care of the tool is phenomenal as well.

Pros: Cons:
Detailed reporting Complex pricing structure
24/7 live chat support
Helps in increasing productivity
Seamless operation
12 Best Employee Monitoring Tools


Veriato is more apt for people concerned about data breaches. Its integrated AI software follows a five-stage procedure of staying on top of things; Observing, Analyzing, Alerting, Spotting, and Reacting. This standard procedure helps employers in identifying risk elements and reacting to them almost immediately before any harm is done.

In the monitoring stage, the employees' online activity throughout the web spectrum is put under the microscope. It is then analyzed to detect any threats or anomalies. In case something is detected, Cerebral Security will issue an alert, following which corrective measures could be put in place. To verify the authenticity of the red flag, a user's screen recording could be scrutinized. This ensures that no malpractices escape your notice.

Pros: Cons:
Wide-ranging monitoring tools Complex set-up
Integrated AI software
Efficient stands procedure
Quick detection of threats
12 Best Employee Monitoring Tools

Work Examiner

Work Examiner has clearly categorized its functions into three departments; web surveillance, web usage control, and work time tracking. These functions essentially encompass detailed reports on what employees view, operate on, and interact with. Moreover, it can also provide a filtering feature, in which you decide what websites your employees can access. When you've denied an employee permission to access a site, you'd be informed if they try to infringe the set guidelines, and subsequent action could be taken.

The surveillance essentially deals with what employees see on their devices in real-time. Apart from tracking web activities, their social networking interactions can also be monitored too. Meanwhile, work time tracking keeps a tab on your employees' work-related activities. It also raises a red flag when they're identified doing a non-work-related activity.

Pros: Cons:
Employee attendance It doesn't offer many of the advanced features compared to others on this list.
Real-time tracking
Filtering feature
Surveillance on all online activities
12 Best Employee Monitoring Tools


pcTattletale is a sophisticated spy tracking system that offers two-fold technology of employee monitoring and parental control. It is perfect for employers who sneakily want to be in the know of what their remote employees have been during work hours.

Their user interface of the device is pretty simple so that anybody can get the hang of things. It ensures that monitoring employees from practically any device are achievable. Whether it's keylogging that you need to scrutinize or browsing activities or IMs tracking, pcTattletale has been lauded for all these features. Also, it keeps track of employee productivity statistics and their attendance. It doesn't get any simpler than this.

Pros: Cons:
Remote monitoring using any gadget A little expensive
Quick set-up
Records all kinds of web activities
Records the screen
12 Best Employee Monitoring Tools


Teramind is the first and last line of defense against all kinds of security threats. In this age and time, when multiple firms have been reporting data breaches, something like Teramind software is much needed, thanks to a data loss prevention pack that is crafted uniquely to protect a company's data.

This is primarily achieved by scrutinizing the online behavior of employees and whom they interact with during work hours. Be it websites, applications, social networking sites, online and offline files, web searches, or even printing; this sophisticated system tracks everything. The video recording feature is also why it has earned many fans over the years. On a broader note, it detects inside threats to the company and abusive behaviors online. This is apart from the features that a regular tracking app offers, including attendance, real-time alerts, and productivity levels.

Pros: Cons:
Real-Time alerts Doesn’t permit monitoring of company-owned mobiles
Data risk prevention
Tracking of online interactions
Employee productivity management
12 Best Employee Monitoring Tools


ActivTrak is known for its seamless and easy-to-use dashboard while rendering quality monitoring services. The cloud-based software is equipped with all the features needed to track employee behaviors, productivity levels, objectives, and workload balance. The comprehensive analytics of the system gives input on various particulars and monitors the employee activity constantly.

From mouse and keyboard movements to web usage, it meticulously keeps an eye on how an employee behaves in front of their computers and whether or not they are working towards their daily target. The unique features of this software include audit trails, USB activity monitoring, and risk scores, using which employees with higher risk to forfeit confidential information or cause data breach is identified.

Pros: Cons:
Free demo Doesn’t have keystroke feature
Simplified employee monitoring
Customizable operations
Easy to navigate
12 Best Employee Monitoring Tools


For small and medium-sized businesses, BambooHR wins the race. With a seamless applicant tracking system and performance management, it checks all the boxes of an ideal employee monitoring mechanism that caters to virtually all needs. Plus, it is also affordable when compared with other systems in its league, making it perfect for small organizations.

Not only is it equipped with employee monitoring features, but also human resource functions, such as recruitment, performance reviews, and more. You cannot go wrong with this one.

Pros: Cons:
Holistic human resource functions Mobile app could use some improvements
Ideal for small and medium-sized firms
Applicant tracking system
Onboarding tools
12 Best Employee Monitoring Tools


Controlio is unique for its monitoring profiles, which enables the seamless arrangement of employee activity in a company of hundreds of employees. Whether you want to operate in stealth or tray icon mode, this software can provide both options.

Moreover, it can aid in web filtering, enabling you to decide what your employees can access and whatnot, allowing you to manipulate their online activities indirectly. This is one of the reasons why Controlio made it to the list. If there is any malicious activity, the system will raise a red flag against the culprit, and with a screen recording feature, evidence for the wrongdoing could be presented. This makes protecting data and networks a simpler task.

Pros: Cons:
Raises security threats Limited services during the free trial
Screen recording feature
Tracks employee behavior and collective productivity
Free trial available
12 Best Employee Monitoring Tools

To summarise, there are plenty of employee monitoring platforms to choose from that offer employee tracking and much more. With a little research, you could get a great deal on the best employee software that caters to all your requirements!