10 Signs that You Got an Excellent Boss

10 Signs that You Got an Excellent Boss

Who is your dream boss? What is he or she like? We asked over 500 people and prepared a list of 10 qualities that accurately characterize an impeccable leader.

So, the dream boss:

Inspires others

The majority of respondents agreed that the better your boss as an expert, a leader, and a person is, the easier it is for him or her to pass the enthusiasm on the subordinates. It is important for a good leader to raise not some faithful followers, but new leaders and he or she will spend a significant part of the time on it.

Overcomes obstacles

Giving a subordinate the freedom to achieve the set goals is an excellent policy. But sometimes the employee faces serious obstacles along the way and the absence of authority, contacts, or skills prevent him or her from overcoming. And that’s where the boss comes in, ready to solve the problem that is beyond the power for the subordinate, regardless of whether it is related to the supplier, client, or another leader.

Develops relationships

Any leader will benefit from building good relations with higher management, colleagues, and employees in other departments. Let us recall the second point: a visionary leader maintains relations not only with those who are in his or her subordination or those who are above him or her but also with those who are indirectly related to leader’s work and the work of the subordinates.

Is able to recognize another's potential

For a good leader, it's something like a sixth sense. He or she easily discovers the beginnings of a great talent in people and gives them the opportunity to show what they are capable of. Sometimes a good boss can see in the subordinate much more than in him/herself.

Is able to say "no"

The ability to say "no" can save the team from a number of problems that usually cause unreasonable deadlines and excessive goals. The ability to protect oneself and subordinates from somebody’s overstated expectations often helps the leader gain genuine trust and respect.

Appreciates the directness

Creating the atmosphere in which feedback and healthy working relationships are possible is the key to uniting the team. If the boss is ready to listen to the opinion of the subordinates about his or her work this will only make the leader stronger.

Is able to listen

Sometimes the first echo of the impending disaster sound barely discernible to an average ear, and many managers prefer not to notice problems until they become obvious to everyone else. A good boss knows how to listen and also take into account the problems of his or her subordinates and do everything to prevent them from turning into a catastrophe.

Sets an example

A competent leader is always ready to cope with difficulties in order to show to subordinates that it can be overcome. The general mood of the team is seriously improved when the leader not only bosses around but is also always ready to roll up the sleeves and get down to business together with the others.

Sees a person in a subordinate

In addition to assessing an employee during working hours, the good boss tries to get to know the subordinate as a person. The success of any employee largely depends on the support system that is built in his or her inner circle.

Is proud of success of the team

And finally, the exemplary boss is proud of the successes that his or her team manages to achieve and strives to ensure that the subordinates are interested in achieving further goals.

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