Spector 360 Evaluation

Spector 360 Evaluation

Spector 360 is obscure, it is an implementation option which is rare among monitoring programs of employee. It enables you to track your employee activities, even while far away, using web-enabled devices such as laptops, home computers and smart phones. This program helps you to choose either to track your employee secretly or openly. Either of the ways, you will track, capture, report and also analyze the same information using your business computers. Tracking allows you to know the websites which the employees accessed, URL as well as the times it was visited. It also shows certain keystroke which helps in tracking word searches as well as identifying the employee that is browsing such site.

You can also get an alert if restricted websites, such as a social media page or keywords are assessed. Spector 360 can also be used to check if employees are searching for job elsewhere, checking competitions or even playing games online. It tracks the chats and also emails messages of the employees to make sure that important information is not shared without the proper authorization. You will be aware when certain files or documents are being accessed and also attached to email which was sent.

The keystroke sign shows each message contents and links it to its sender and you will be able to know the intent of your employees. When a file or document is being deleted, you will be notified. If any of the deleted file is retrieved, you will be notified. You will also be notified if important information is saved on any external device (USB drives inclusive). Spector 360 is a tracking program which helps you to be aware if any document is printed, which computer printed it as well as the employee whose account the document is sent. This implies that it will be difficult for an employee to sneak important information without your notice. This program monitors during real time for you to see activities as they happen. It also saves screenshots, records tracked information and then keep them safe SpectorSoft’s cloud, for you to view or analyze the data when needed later. Another great tool of Spector 360 is its capacity to monitor the attendance as well as idleness of employees.

This signifies that if a site is opened by any employee, the program will confirm if the employee is actually reading or researching or the computer is just left idle. It is very thoughtful because many of the employee-management programs do not have such feature. The Control Function tracking the activity of employees is an essential part of the PC-monitoring software.

Nevertheless, Spector 360 is not just about tracking but also gives tool to help in the elimination of temptation. Using this program, you can block as well as filter unauthorized websites. You can use automatic alerts, which warn your employee if they access restricted sites, of likely violations. Spector 360 enables you to set time limit on the computer applications as well as websites for you to access it during specific times. The Spector 360 Help & Support appears short in support area because it does not give chat support, an attribute useful when evaluating other employee-monitoring programs. To install and implement the program does not necessarily need a lot of training.

Spector 360 is basically easy to set up and use, so the options are not completely necessary. You can have live support by making use of the telephone digits posted on SpectorSoft site and also via the email support. This program also has good FAQs where questions are answered clearly. In summary, Spector 360 can be seen as the best available employee-monitoring software. It includes more monitoring tools than the other programs, which allows for monitoring in real time as well as giving access at any place, using web-enabled device because it is obscure. The program helps to eliminate your employee temptation of being idle by offering tools to block some websites as well as application like solitaire on your computers. Although it does not use chat support, calling the available support number on Spectorsoft website will be of great assistance.

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