Reviewing Activity Monitor

Reviewing Activity Monitor

Our employees are an important asset for many business owners. They productivity level of their employees determines just how beneficial their business are. There many things that can easily distract the focus of the employees while working especially when they use computer in doing their daily tasks. The internet connection they enjoy might lead them to waste their time visiting sites unrelated to their jobs.

If you like to keep the focus of your employee on the right place, you might need to use Activity Monitor. This is an effective tool that allows you to the filter and block the access to different sites. This monitoring software comes with automated alerts that will warn any attempt from your employee to access the restricted sites.

Why You Need to Have This Employee-Monitoring Software

Activity Monitor is a very useful monitoring software. Not only that it allows you to monitor the web activity of your employees, you can also use the software to monitor your PC usage and its applications. It should be very easy for you to find out which files or documents in your computer that have been accessed. This monitoring software also shows you the recently saved, uploaded, resaved or deleted data. It allows you to check the history of your files used for emailing purposes or for a removable storage device. Activity Monitor gives the users more control over the information in their computer. It also lets you block USB drives or other removable devices.

You can find more detailed information about the software by reading the FAQs section. You might not find contact information like email address or phone numbers on the homepage. But you can fill out an online form in order to come up with a service ticket. You might need to use live chat feature on the homepage.


As a business owner, you have a necessity to keep track of the online activity of your employees and keep your company information secured. This is where an employee-management program like Activity Monitor comes into play. In spite of drawbacks, this monitoring software is a reliable tool to see which websites are accessed and the duration of their online activity. In addition to that, Activity Monitor gives you a good control to track every action on the files and documents in your computer. Every employee-monitoring software in the market comes with their own strong points and drawbacks. Make sure that you choose one of them carefully.

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