Panda Security for Business Review


Panda Security Panda Security for Business is a Windows and Linux compatible software. It is not compatible with Macs, Netware servers as well as mobile phones. This is an on-premise solution for protection of systems and includes Panda Admin secure, Security for Desktops, Security for File servers and Command line modules. This is a complicated and a complex version. Hence, Panda includes a comprehensive user manual numbering 237 pages. This system provides basic business internet security. This includes normal internet security, protection from frauds, prevention of intrusion, network access control and a centrally managed quarantine. Constant updating is done at regular intervals. This gives protection against emerging threats as well. This system has the ability to analyze program behavior and detect unknown threats. This is a new version and hence has not been adequately tested frequently. However, other similar software such as Panda Cloud Antivirus and Panda Internet Security has been tested and the results have been positive. As far as resource usage is concerned, Panda products have fared better than most other similar software solutions. They occupy less space and use less time for downloading updates. Installation of this software is tough and requires a trained hand to manage things. You should entrust this job to someone who knows your system well. The installation is a complex procedure requiring setting up of an administration console, administration server, distribution server, client workstations and communication agents. However, once the system is set up, an experienced admin could easily control it using the administration console. This system includes certain extra applications. In case you choose this system for your machines, you may require installing these extra applications to make up for the absence in the regular product. Summary: In totality, Panda products are in good demand. Panda provides a good range of products and can cater to more than 75K endpoints. Panda has innovative cloud based solutions. In fact, Panda is the pioneer in this field of offering cloud-based security. Panda for Business is a good product, no doubt. However, it has other alternatives vide its online versions of software products as a more reasonable option for small businesses.