Ashley Fuller: 7 Skills for a Career of the New Type

Ashley Fuller: 7 Skills for a Career of the New Type

Ashley Fuller: 7 Skills for a Career of the New TypeIt is not so difficult to get a good job in a good company as to develop there and become an influential figure in a long-term perspective, the one who is granted not only the salary but also options and other privileges like a premium-class office car.

It was clear before, how to grow up to such a level:

  • Work for one and the same company for a long time

  • Please the heads

  • Work long hours

  • Intrigue and raise own armies in corporate wars

  • Be able to make reports correctly (it was probably the most important skill)

The world is slowly changing. Even if it seems darker and darker outside (I am talking both about the weather and the atmosphere in the world), career growth opportunities have improved for the last 20 years.

Skills necessary for a modern career

We have analyzed the skills that modern people need to develop their careers rapidly.

  • Moreover, it is important to choose a more mobile one (either young or on the stage of active transformations).


    It is simple: the career growth gradually slows down in stable companies. By moving to a mobile company you speed up your career, not slow it down – there is no effect of habituation and there are a lot of opportunities around for you to develop (there are always more of them in the growing business).

  • Why?

    Most of the important vacancies are no longer placed on recruitment resources. Moreover, they are less and less often assigned to head hunters. Managers find new employees mostly by recommendations in the industry. So the larger the network, the more chances you have to get a promotion either in a new company or in your own (you will be the first person to think of when a new position appears).

  • They are important not only in the digital industry. The “more digital” you are, the smarter and more successful you appear. It applies to any industry – to HR, project management, IT, logistics and even support.

  • Aggressive adaptability is a complex of abilities to gain new information, skills and connections on the fly, “out of the air”, out of scraps and bits of information, news etc. to understand at the right time what your company needs and give it and whose support you should reject in a corporate war to avoid failure.

  • Everyone loves winners. A person irradiating non-aggressive kindness and confidence always looks cleverer and more attractive than his or her colleague. Especially if he or she aspires to managerial positions.

  • There are some things that do not have any influence on the career anymore. They are:

    • Common, non-industry MBA

    • The period of time a person works for the company

    • Written references

    • Friendship with HRs of the company

What do you need to build a career

So, the gist of the article is the following: if you want to make a career and money you should:

  • Constantly learn

  • Not get attached to the company

  • Be able to make friends at work easily and find necessary people (establish a developed network).

Remember - now is the time of people:

  • Loyal but not faithful

  • Career inclined but not very charismatic

  • Famous in narrow professional circles but not boosted over the whole Facebook and various ratings

  • Tech savvy but without expensive diplomas

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