A Quick Review on Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security Standard

A Quick Review on Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security Standard

There are many business security software to choose from, but those with worry-free solutions and easy installation seem to be more preferable in the market. Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security Standard comes with standard and advanced hosted business security services or on-premise versions. You can enjoy more data loss prevention tools and protect a wider range of devices including Android mobile phones with the Advanced version.

Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security Standard and Its Features

The Worry-Free Business Security from Trend Micro has come up with excellent scores in malware detection. The security service is also outstanding since it blocks the threats even before they reach your machines. However, it has no excellent performance when it comes to removing malware. The business version of this software is well equipped with the tools that allow you to lock down access to various sites. You can use the newest Advanced version to protect your Server 2012 machines, Windows 8-based computers, Email exchange servers and Mac Servers.

One thing missing about this security software is that it does provide the users an effective tool to protect you activities in the social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. It has no power to block those sites completely either. The marketing material from Trend Micro has considered the Worry-Free Business Security a fast software. On the contrary, several tests from third-party test agencies show that it uses more resources than other security software. It is more likely that its operation will lower the speed and affect the performance of your system. For that reason, this Trend Micro security software would be more suitable for newer machines.

The slowdown effects will be more obvious and noticeable in older machines. You might as well opt for other solution especially when you need to protect the already-taxed RAM in your older machines. The good thing is that this software comes with a really easy installation as it is only six steps away. Interestingly, the installation will include the removals of other similar security products in the machines. Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security Standard also comes with several additional features.

One of them allows you to block the users of the computer to share specific information using their USB devices or email. You will find this tool very helpful in managing the data backup strategy. It also has the ability to run compromised systems in a safe mode. This feature will come in very handy to deal with the discovered problems. Compared to other security software from other developers, this one has no file encryptors, password managers and file shredders.


Thanks to its easy installation and deployment, this security software seems like a perfect choice for the small business owners with few IT resources. If you look for a great solution that can control the websites that your employees visit, then the Worry-Free Business Security Standard from Trend Micro would be an ideal security software to install. You can also oversee the information they share through their email, instant chat and USB drives.

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