A Quick Review on Avira Small Business Security Suite

A Quick Review on Avira Small Business Security Suite

There are many security software out there that you can use to help you protect your network. If you look for a reliable one for your small network, you might shift your focus on the Avira Small Business Security Suite. It can be a great choice for those companies wiht few IT resources. It allows you to use 25 user licenses to keep your Windows-based workstations and servers protected.

This internet security suite is known for its very friendly interface. Even the people with limited experience using a small networ protection tool will have no problem to utilize the security suite. Avira has been providing great security services to over 100 million customers. Not only that this small business internet security suite provides a proper protection for you firewall and web, it can also keep your email protected.

Avira Small Business Security Suite

Several tests conducted by third party testers have signified its security reputation. Some tests have revealed the superior malware detection and removal capacity of Avira small business security software. More importantly, this security suite comes with complete security components including email filtering, rootkit detection, firewall protection, anti-adware and antspyware. Even when you are a small business owner with minimal IT experience, it should be very easy for you to use this network security suite. You can easily use the admin concole to run reports, install software, administer security rules, view statistics, manage quarantined items and licenses. However, you cannot rely on this Avira software to help you manage your Mac endpoints or mobile devices.

Through the control center, you can both manage your backups and the application control to keep your website from high risks. Surprisingly, this small business network security software is also equipped with parental control features. You can use it to limit your internet usage and keep the users from certain websites. You can easily see the programs that are and attempt to get connected to the internet. It is very easy for you instal the administration console. It should be glad to know that this Avira security suite is well equipped with a comprehensive manual and clear instructions. In addition to keep your small network protected, this Avira security suite also comes with a number of additional tools to limit your data loss.

For example, the backup tools can help you recover the lost data quickly. Sadly, this security suite also comes with several drawbacks. You cannot use this program to wipe the drives from a lost device. It is impossible for you to restrict specific data sharing with this security suite.


Many small business owners have less knowledge about information technology or IT resources. However, they still have to protect their network as big companies do. This is when Avira Small Business Security Suite steps in. It provides a proper network protection for the micro or small business owners. In addition to its internet security services, the small business security suite from Avira also offers frequent upgrades and updates.

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